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  • Artist Info: Favorite color: Black/White <br />
    Hair color: Dark Brown/Black<br />
    Personality: Apathetic, Antisocial, Laid-Back, Dark Sense of humor,<br />
    Age 21<br />
    masochistic<br />
    Not much effects me.<br />
    I am A Logical Thinker Facts Before assumptions<br />
    And I hate Assumptions. <br />
    Did you ask me something? I have an idea, but if I'm not sure I keep<br />
    it to myself until I can do research. <br />
    <br />
    I'm not afraid of anything.<br />
    I think spiders and snakes are cute I catch and pet them. <br />
    I always wanted a pet crocodile. <br />
    I know shadows don't hurt.<br />
    Holding me under water only pisses me off.<br />
    I have a high pain tolerance.<br />
    (blood dripping from my leg, when did that happen?)<br />
    I can read people like glass books.<br />
    I always know when someone is lying to me.<br />
    I bite, a lot. I think its fun. My sister is my main victim. <br />
    I have a dog, a cat, a puppy, a red eared slider turtle, a parrot/conure, <br />
    nine goldfish and a pot of worms.<br />
    And Fred the spider in the corner of my room. <br />
    Edit sad Fred was murdered a moment of silence please)<br />
    <br />
    Things you may not like about me:<br />
    I like to find what people are afraid of.<br />
    I don't lie. I won't lie for you.<br />
    I love to fight, people get angry, I don't care.<br />
    I'm not a mean fighter. I just love it. <br />
    <br />
    Things I Hate:<br />
    Posers, Gossip (I'll make my own opinions of people thanks) <br />
    Children that act like asses online but are <br />
    sissies in real life, I could eat you, but hey I like em feisty.<br />
    <br />
    Some quizzes I took that tell it all<br />
    <br />
    Heuristic, detached, and analytical to a fault, you are most like The Oracle. You are able to tackle any subject with a fine toothed comb, and <br />
    you possess an ability to pinpoint nuances and shades of meaning that other people do not have and cannot understand. Accomplishment and <br />
    realization of ideas are, for you, secondary to the rigorous exploration of ideas and questions -- you are, first and foremost, a theorist. You hate authority, convention, tradition, and under no circumstances do you accept a leadership role (although, you will gladly advise leadership when they're going astray, whether they want you to or not). Abstraction and generalities are your <br />
    interests, details and particulars are usually inconsequential and uninteresting. You excel at language, mathematics and philosophy.<br />
    You are typically easy-going and non-confrontational until someone violates one of the very few principles that you deem sacred, at which point you can fly into a rage. Although you possess a much greater understanding of process <br />
    and systems than the people around you, you are always conscious of the possibility that you've missed something or made a mistake. You don't <br />
    tend to become attached to particular theories, and will immediately discard mistaken notions once they're revealed to be incorrect (but you <br />
    don't tolerate iconoclasts who try to discredit validated theories through the use of fallacies and bad data). Despite being outwardly humble, <br />
    you probably think of yourself as being smarter than most other people. That's because you are. In fact, in your dealings with people your understanding of their motives is so expansive that you know what they're going to say before <br />
    they say it, and in world affairs, you usually know what is going to take place before it actually does. This ability would make you unbeatable in debates if only you were a little less pensive about your own conclusions, and a <br />
    little more outgoing. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    You Scored as your Being Yourself And That's scary!<br />
    Your not trying to be scary, but you are and you <br />
    kind of enjoy it, you enjoy the torment you bring others <br />
    when your presence is around. <br />
    Good stuff.<br />
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