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  • Artist Info: Hiiiiiii biggrin Welcome to Jamie's profile bitchessss :3 I am a very hyper-active-over dramatic-supercilious kid mrgreen I am a very nice, caring, giving and, talkative person and my modes can sometimes change in a second. Yes I know I am very werid and random. For everyone out there, yes sadly I am gay. I know, its very shocking but, guys just have something about them. . .Girls would understand what I mean. XD I'm single at the moment too men. ;D Hahaha. Any way add me as a friend and get to know me if you dont already. Oh I also love anime, YAY ANIME!!! Ask me questions! EVEN IF I DONT KNOW THE ANSWER scream ..........Just talk to me XD For extra fun information, in the future I plan to TRY to move to Japan, I don't know if I can because every one in my family is bringing me down about it. -w-<br />
    <br />
    My Family Tree: (Note I know all of these peeps in real life!)<br />
    Wulfie: Like a gaian wife sometimes, and a sister in real life<br />
    Fluffy Miffin: My sister-in-law gaian and another like sister in real life<br />
    Kairi R Yumna: My sister and sister in real life xD<br />
    xEmoRawrz: My gaian sister and a good friend <3<br />
    Wings_of_choas: My gaian sister and role playing buddie, great friend. <br />
    Broken Porcelain Prince: My gaian brother and my best guy friend on gaia<br />
    Foolish Pleasure: My pet slave <3 But shhh he doesn't know it. ;D<br />
    (Will add more as I get more family members. >w< wink <br />
    <br />
    Thankies Sissie~ <3<br />
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