• "Where am I?"

    Stomach quivering, head throbbing you get up to face a dark rundown apartment. A hanging lamp moves lazily showering you with light, and then retreating to the other side like an afternoon Sun.

    You get up and feel a piercing pain in your thigh muscles. It's like someone stabbed you deeply in your nerves with a butcher's knife. Collapsed on the bloody floor writhing in pain; in an effort to recover you grab the edge of a nearby table.

    Rolling up your pants leg with haste you tremble at what you examine.

    A deep, infected wound where your thigh muscle should've been.

    "Oh my god! Ahhh!"

    Your fright only worsens the pain to the point where you just can't stand it. Eyes tearing and reddening blood-shot; only one question comes to mind. How did this happen?

    Ignoring your indecent state and sweaty exterior you make your way to the door of the apartment room. With one last look back you marvel at the dilapidated state of the room.

    A strange 1960s wallpaper peeling off the cracked wooden walls. In your feat of pain you failed to notice exactly what was on the wretched table you clung on to for dear life.

    An array of torturing devices. Knives of several different sizes and origins. Next to it was what seemed to be, a crude Pear of Anguish, a sophisticated pear-shaped torturing device from the middle ages that was to be inserted into the victim's orifices and slowly expanded. A horrible nightmare to endure. Axes, bicycle chains, and other normal everyday materials were stained with blood; turned into devices for agony.

    Gazing slightly disturbed and fascinated by the story world you've entered, your eyes become misty and entranced by the poetic emptiness of the room.

    At the other side of this door, what is in store?