• He was standing in the back of the room.Leaning against the wall staring at the door with hard gray eyes.HIs face was as pale as ever with his lips in a tight line.He was thinking of nothing but the girl he met that day.How she made him feel....like he never felt before.She was tall with black hair that perfectly framed her face.Her dark blue eyes still lingering in his mind.She was as beautiful as the first blanket of snow, gleaming in the soft sun.Her name was Akisha, such a beautiful name.His name was so plain,Levi, what a boring name.Although she didn't think that, she smiled with her eyes as he said his name.
    He had met her in an alley way just down the street from his house.He was on his way home from school when he bumped into her.They both dropped their books and they both cursed.When he looked up he stopped mid-word and said sorry as fast as he could.She looked up with a shocked look on her face.He smiled at her and she started to blush and guickly looked down.He bent down to get her books.That's when they started talking.She smiled the whole way through and when they finally looked at what time it was she gave him her number.She said to call him when he got a chance to.He reached for the phone just when Jackie got home.
    "Hey twirp.Don't touch that phone, I'm calling Jessie."Jackie,his sister, said.
    Jackie was 18, same age as him but she had a little more control of the house.Considering that she used her 'innocent eyes' on their parents.
    "What ever I wasn't even going to use the phone." Levi said as he walked up stairs to his room.When he got there he opened his window and stepped out onto the roof.The roof was his favorite place to think, it overlooked the city.Out at the edge of the city there was a beach and it was the most beautiful thing to look at when the sun was setting.He sat there for awhile untill he finally reached in his back pocket and pulled out Akisha's number.He pulled out his phone and started to dial.
    "Hello?" Her soft voice answered.
    "Hey,um, it's Levi.You know from the alley."He said nervously
    "Oh hey."She said happier.
    "I was just wondering if, well if you wanted to get coffee tonight?"
    "Sure where do you want to meet?"
    "Um, how about at Chuck's Coffee Shop over on 9th street?"
    "Okay, I'll meet you there." She said with what sounded like a smile.He started calming down with the thought of her being happy to see him.
    "Okay."He walked to the rdge of the roof and jumped on to the wall that divided his house from the neighbors.As he walked along the wall he was thinking on how to ask her out.Even though they just met, it felt like they've known each other for their whole lives.Then the thought came up that he can never love anyone human.Never in his whole life, he wasn't exactly 18 years old.He was more of 400 years old.Basically he was a vampire, but he idn't excatly drink HUMAN blood, but animal blood.He swore to himself after he became this monster that he would never drink human blood.He paused on the wall, debating on whether to go met her or not.He kept going straight.He didn't care if it would be hard to keep himself from not drinking her blood.He was determined to let her know and let her decide if she wanted to date a vampire.
    As he walked into Chuck's Coffee Shop he could smell the her.Not her deoderent, but her blood.It smelled like laveneder and sugar.He walked in and looked around as if he didn't know where she was.He finally turned to her and smiled.She blushed again but kept her eyes locked on his.He finally remembered the effect he had on people with his eyes.So he just let his eyes ease with a smile.He walked over to her and sat down, seeing that she already got her coffee.
    "Oh yeah sorry about that, I was cold."She smiled a weak smile.
    "No problem, I'll get mine later."He said
    "Hey after this i want to show you something that i think you might not like.Depending on your view point of...legends."He said looking down at her cup.
    "Um, okay." She sipped at her coffee and they talked for a while.After about half an hour she finally finished her coffee.
    "Okay I'm finished."She said witht that weak smile that he started to like.
    "Um, okay.This way." He reached out so she could grab her hand.She stood there for a second looking at his pale hand.Then she finally reached for it.He felt her shiver as she touched his hand.He walked out the door and down the street to the his favorite meadow he turned to her.
    "Okay stand here." He said as she looked up at him.He walked a few feet away from her into the sun.As soon as he walked into the sun his eyes where completly black.His fangs grew an inch and his skin became even paler.
    "OH MY GOSH!" She screamed, she didn't run but she was shocked.

    To Be Continued