• "Orla? Where are you?"
    "I'm in here, Sash!"
    "Orla, I know it is only middnight but I need to go."
    "Come on Sasha. You baby."
    "Orla you know my dad is coming home tonight."
    "Yeah I know. Seeya tomorrow!"
    Little did she know that tomorrow won't come.

    Orla stayed at the school party until late hours.
    By then she was hyper and feeling great.
    Her just-passed-shoulder hair caresed her face.
    "Ginger Freak!" shouted a random drunk guy.
    "I don't know people who can be pissed and still piss me off. Well done(!)"
    Her almond eyes gleamed as she stared at the b*****d.
    I mean how dare he?
    "You will be really sorry you said that..."
    He ran up to her with a knife.
    She screamed.

    Sasha came to school as usual that morning after Orla's death.
    She hadn't heard of it yet.
    She waited for Orla but when she didn't come out, she assumed that she had already gone.
    "She is soooo gonna get it!"
    When she reached the school it was locked.
    Police surrounded the school.
    A officer walked up to her and asked "Do you know Orla Clayton?"
    "It is my sad duty to tell you that she was murder last night."
    "What? No way. Orla....dead?"
    "Yes at the school dance."
    "Oh my god."
    Sasha sunk to her knees and sobbed.
    "Orla can't die. She is my best friend. She was going to be an actress and be famous and..."
    "Maybe you should go now... You are clearly upset."
    "Guess I will have to live without Orla. I'll try, God knows, I'll try..."