• *note: Draci Vonican, when he was in grade 8, had a fight with his main adversary -Geret- and ended up geting a hole in his chest through his heart. Since he and his friends are supernatural, they were able to revive him and let him find a way to sustain his own life without a real heart. He managed that by creating an electric/chemical reactor in his chest to feed his body pure electricity. It's worked out smoothly so far. At 21 in his latest atemt to attack and enemy that wants to kill all of the supernatural people out there, he ended up burning his own eyes out (ouch). just so you know.*

    Quarentined in the middle of hell.

    I chose to live my life like a game. Like I never had anything to lose but could always gain the fun. Took every chance I had to do what I wanted. What I wanted was a short, sweet, and eventful life. So far, I have reached that I am 21 with a hole, about 1 - 2 inches thick through my heart, i have a scar on my forehead that wont heal, i have burnt my own eyes out and left a scar for that across my face, i have had another almost human soul crammed in my body along with my own soul, i have had to watch all of my own friends die in front of my...well... my 6th sense (seeing as how i can't see. haha i just made a funny...), everything i do leads to something being absolutly cleared out of existance because of an anger set-off that i can't control (before i lost my heart, i learned that seeing my own blood made me lost control and go berserk. when i lost my heart i figured that i should me the electric current in my body apper as blood for the sake of my reaction and so that people don't see me bleed electricity) and by now i must have killed way over a million people and counting. Not like a halocaust. Not al all. Just a form of self defence for me and all of the good people out there who know that i'm unintentionally clearing out the bad people of the world. The ones who like WAR. The ones who want to stop the next step of evolution becuase they don't like that they never got to be special like us... the ones who need to die...
    The choice of playing life like a game has made me feel like the only point to life is to go out known. If people remember that you did something, you are still in existance due to their memories. the bigger the event and the more momorial, the more you seem to exist umong this world. Even after death...
    I lay here, on my home/hospital bed, reflecting on my lives (since that the real case here). I must say, I love every second of it. everything in it wether it was happy, sad, good, sadistic, whatever. I love the fact that every moment did something for others to remember me by. i love the fact that, me basicly dieing here, means I did everything that I had planned to do... almost... the last thing on my list was to die by my own hand. The thought of someone or something else holding my life in their grubby hands made me absolutly sick. So if i wer to die, It would be me killing myself in some manner of heroic events.... and thus i can cross that off in my life's to do list. unfortunalty I had to skip killing Geret and putting an end to his near-hitler tyranny. i almost did it too...but there's just something about him that reminds him of me that stops me from going all out everytime i see him.
    I look around the room for the first time in minutes. A chair to my right, the door at the right corner of the room, a T.V. in front of me, a couch in the left corner, and a... sleeping person to my left? "Hey Danny, wake up." i reached out slowly because i could bealry move, and poked him.
    "Nuuggghh...What? OH HEY! You're wake. Finaly." he rolled over to examine my face and his drawing book fell off of him. "Oh yeah, I was skeaching your face while you were asleep. Wanna see?" He turned the book over to show me. I was speechless -partly becuase i could bearly talk and becuase his drawing was very good- it showed my face without the headband i used to cover my burnt eyes. All of the scars were there, my face was draw to very good perportion, and i hadn't seen a mirror for a long time so to see this now had amazed me.
    "Do you like it?" he asked.
    "uhh... yeah, i...like i...t." Ouch! my throut hurt like a test tube for heating up stuff inside. I never saw it coming too so the burn got me good.
    And then it began. I had felt death before and i remembered vividly what it was like. This was it. my recent life flash before my eyes as the electric blood of mine stopped flowing to the brian. As the nerves started shooting off in a last atemp to stay alive, they gave off images of whatever i remembered. I felt relaxed and like everything was slowing down... doowwnn...dooo...www...nnn. Stop.
    why stop?
    It's not supposed to stop. Im suppoed to not feel or remember anything at this point. im not supposed to exist, just simple not be. stopping means i know that something stopped and im not exactly dead yet.
    Maybe i was never dieing in the first place.
    maybe i had unfinished work or something in my body just quit but never acualy killed me.
    Oh no. No no no no no.
    My 6th sence started up again. I could see in dark blue and black all 360 around me.
    I was standing in a meadow, a few trees, a little bush around the scene. some mountains in the distant background.
    'where the hell am I?'
    I knew where i was... i see this everytime i stop looking in 360, just like i closing my eyes for example.
    Kooyney Plains, BC, Canada. Only this was not like the real Kooyney Plains... this was the one i had created in my head because of many of the events that happened here. the one that was still floral and full of undisturbed life. I loved this place. The real one was nearly gone now... never to be repaired.
    If i could see this place so vividly, that meant when i thought i was dieing, i must have gone subconsion or something.
    I was trapped in my own imaginary world, only this time I couldn't get out.