• That morning, as the light of the autumn sun shined through the rosy pink dawn sky, MoonSong reluctantly opened her eyes. She stiffly stood up and shook herself to wake up. The wolf looked around the cave, her wings folded against her white and blue-tinted back. Redd, the lazy fool, was still asleep, snoring loudly. MoonSong sniffed imperiously and noticed that ShadowLord was gone. The princess shrugged her shoulders and walked outside.
    MoonSong breathed in the crisp scent of the morning. For once since she had met the two male wolves, she smiled. She enjoyed solitude. She enjoyed quiet. There was absolutely no doubt in MoonSong's mind to the notion that she was a loner. The she-wolf always had been a loner and always would be. She laid down and rested her head in her paws.
    "It's a beautiful sight, isn't it?" a quiet voice suddenly said, causing her to jump out of surprise.
    MoonSong scowled at whoever had spoken. She whipped around to see ShadowLord, giving the appearance of a dark prince in a realm of light. He blinked his dark eyes and sat down, his red markings reminding MoonSong of bleeding scars.
    "You despise males because something that happened to you, correct?" ShadowLord asked calmly, his expression unreadable. The former princess snarled with an audible growl.
    "I told you that my business is my own and no one else's! And frankly, I do not tolerate those who delve into my life! So unless you prefer to have your legs mangled and your sanity taken away, I suggest you keep your questions to yourself!" she snapped angrily. She didn't like to say things twice.
    ShadowLord merely nodded.
    "As you wish, MoonSong." he said politely, as if he were an obedient servant. He got up to go back into the cave, but turned back to MoonSong before he entered. "There's something familiar about you. I just can't put my paw on it. But I feel like I know you from somewhere."
    MoonSong sniffed arrogantly and looked away. Stupid fool! They're both stupid fools! she thought bitterly.
    MoonSong heard a noisy snort as a sing that Redd had awakened. Both of the male wolves now walked out. The wingless wolf glared at the princess. MoonSong returned his glare. She couldn't help but wonder if his actions would be different had she let slip that she was a princess. But she would never admit her royalty. Never.

    After a brief few hours of hunting and eating, the three wolves decided that it was time to leave. MoonSong was about to open up her wings, but then remembered that Redd was unable to fly. With a few inaudible grumblings and much disappointment, she folded her wings and reluctantly walked down a flight of stone steps that she had not seen before. Redd and ShadowLord seemed fine with it. But MoonSong hated it. She would much rather fly and allow the wind to blow beneath her wings. But she knew that would upset the males. And she didn't need any conflict.

    MoonSong led as they traveled. They kept to the ground. MoonSong knew that the Warrior Band often searched by air, at least that's what they did when they searched for her. Therefore, it would be wise to keep to the ground and the protection of the carniforous trees.
    Redd and Shadowlord occasionally fell behind and MoonSong would roll her eyes in annoyance as she waited for them to catch up. She already regretted resting in their cave. Why couldn't it have been home to just bats? MoonSong thought grudgingly.

    At about midday, they decided to rest. Redd and ShadowLord sat together. MoonSong went over to a secluded tree and laid there, keeping to herself and growling whenever something came near. The reason for her occasional growls was because she had a deep feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach. She didn't know how or why, but she knew something was wrong, or that something would be wrong later.
    As if on cue, MoonSong's ears perked to the sound of barking, growling, and tearing. Redd and ShadowLord heard too and stood up. MoonSong grumbled something about all these irritating noises and followed the sounds. The other two followed.
    Eventually, they arrived to a scene of battle. It was ten dark gray and black wolves against one light yellow and crimson wolf. Six out of the dark wolves were fatally wounded and limping. The others were merely scratched but still bleeding. The brightly colored wolf had not a scratch on him.
    He was a rather handsome wolf. His coat was light yellow. His ears, tail and wings were bright crimson. He also had a splash of the same color on his back. The wolf's eyes were as black as onyx and had the same shining quality. He had a strong build and a proud stature. His expression was imperious and that of a proud king. A rather impressive wolf indeed.
    This wolf growled fiercely and the ten wolves scrambled away. Then the handsome wolf stalked over to MoonSong and growled at her, examining her as if debating as to whether she was worthy of fighting or just something not even worth his time. MoonSong growled back. His eyes were like soulless dark stones.