• Good: What a damn shame
    Evil: what?
    Good: Oh, I was playing Resident evil 5 and I just beat it.
    Evil: How was it? (Like I give a crap)
    Good: Horrible, I mean the game play was ok but the story was different.
    Evil: O rly?
    Good: Yeah, the game had little impact on the story itself other then the death of Albert Wesker.
    Evil: That’s the thing with games nowadays, stories gone so badly so they focus on graphics and game play.
    Good: It was the other way around back with the PS1 and Dreamcast.
    Evil: Dreamcast certainly was the dream.
    Good: So what do we do now?
    Evil: We don’t have a choice, it’s either take the games for what they are or don’t buy them at all.
    Good: No, there is another way.
    Evil: *sighs* not another stupid plan
    Good: No this one is more serious
    Evil: What are you saying they should do, bring Wesker back?
    Good: No. Far from it, maybe there is another way, a way to make it so the game makers know about what the gamers feel.
    Evil: Blog about it on Newgrounds.com?
    Good: No, well maybe. I mean what if instead of making petitions to bring Wesker back, what if we made petitions to bring the zombie horror back.
    Evil: I’m sure those are already made dude, not gonna make a difference.
    Good: I’m not just talking about resident evil, a lot of games out there don’t focus on story line as much as they used too.
    Evil: Doubt it will ever make a difference, but you know what I’m surprised at?
    Good: What?
    Evil: Over 2 years, maybe more, it took them 2 years to make resident evil 5 and yet, over 85% of fans show negative feedback and do you know why?
    Good: why?
    Evil: Because a lot of fans were hoping to see a game with more effort than RE4 which had little impact to the resident evil series storyline other than making it so that Leon knows Ada is alive and that introduction to the parasite.
    Good: So what don’t you get?
    Evil: Why didn’t the producers and Capcom of Resident Evil listen to the fans? Why did they bother to get their hopes up on this game that could be beaten in a day or so that took them 2 or so years to release.
    Good: *shrugs*
    Evil: I don’t know if the producers are putting their full effort on these games like they did in the other Resident Evil games. Remember how it was like you would need to pick up everything in a room so you would have the sapphire that opens the 3rd door in the hallway?
    Good: umm…kinda? (Wtf is he talking about again? Oh wait it’s the feature with the key.)
    Evil: Well it was that feature that made the game last, whenever you ran into a door that needed a key you would check out all the rooms but you would be cautious because deep in your mind you knew that something in each room was waiting for you.
    Good: I always thought that part was a great feature because it built up the horror aspect of the series and it also helped it last.
    Evil: But nothing and I mean nothing could replace the moan.
    Good: The moan?
    Evil: The moan of the zombie, it was like its demoralizing battle cry.
    Good: Yeah, moans from the parasite are merely growls.
    Evil: With the moan some people would stop dead in their tracks waiting for the zombie to walk towards them because they’d fear of walking right into them and being attacked.
    Good: But the growl from the parasite doesn’t cause fear and just makes a majority of players go “Bring it on mofo!”
    Evil: So much has changed in the resident evil series. Went from T virus infected cities to parasite infested rural towns.
    Good: I miss Barry
    Evil: I miss zombies, wait what?
    Good: You know Barry from Resident Evil 1. I wonder what happened to him
    Evil: Guess the only thing to do now is to read the books and find out.
    Good: I miss the camera angles.
    Evil: Yeah, every time the camera changed it was a little bit annoying but it also did build the horror aspect because a majority of the time you couldn’t see the monsters getting close to you.
    Good: So all these things are missing in the now parasite world of resident evil.
    Evil: All those and more, but maybe… just maybe if the fans banned together and try to said what they all thought and make a huge petition then maybe Capcom will notice. Maybe…
    Good: That’s a big maybe, especially considering the fact that there is a low likely chance that Capcom will listen.
    Evil: Well a lot of Wesker fans were a little raged out about the fact that Wesker died.
    Good: Well I liked Wesker character because he really gave the story a spice.
    Evil: Indeed, and to be honest if he was to be brought back to life then in a way… he would be forgotten.
    Good: True, sometimes a writer just needs to let his characters die so the fans would remember him. A lot of people forgot about Barry if it wasn’t for his sandwich cravings.
    Evil: Well hopefully in due time there will be changes, and hopefully in time those changes in Resident Evil will be for the better.