• Luke and Rebeca are walking to the place where they used to call home, and it is pouring rain out. They walk to their parents grave and pray to the god Hades, ruler of the underworld, that thee could be a chance that just maybe, just maybe that they could reborn their parents. Then, out of now where they are in a dark cold place where death trials being held, torture made, deaths occurred. Some people died because they did things that are going to remain untold that they where dunked in river Styx till death. If they somehow survive that they were decapitated and sliced into thousands and thousands of pieces. If you haven't yet figured out where they are, you should stop reading my stories(unless you're addicted....really I'm just kidding biggrin )but i will tell you anyway. They are in the underworld right in the center of the Palace of Hades. They are in the throne room there sits a 13 foot man by his side is the helmet of darkness. They kneel in the mighty gods present. "I hear you ask of a request that includes your parents being reborn am i right?" the mighty god says. "Yes you are correct" Luke says. "What are the names of your parents?", Rebeca replies first, "My parents had no names but the last name was Jameson". "And how about you Luke?" "Margo and AJ, and i never got a chance to learn my last name". "I see, well your parents have not had their trials yet so if i can manage it, it will be done." "Thank you so much i will not forget....." Luke tries to say. "But, i must ask you of a favor". "Yes, anything Hades." "there is a titan, not a very strong one but for you minor gods, it can be very deadly. The titans name is Cerberus and yes it is the 3 headed dog." "I think it can be done,thank you one more time." Luke finishes and they are teleported outside the gate of Atlantis. Flames as far as the eye can see and there finishing of the gate, is Cerberus. Luke has always been the aggressive one and charged straight for Cerberus but instead of striking he climbs up the leg because cutting the foot won't do much. On the other hand Rebeca is trying to distract it with her magic. if she could just find enough power to control it they won't have to kill it and they could use it for their own battles. But Luke is at the top cutting away but Rebeca won't let that happen. She uses a spell that pulls whoever she targets and safely drops them to the ground. She explains and Luke understands he charges to the foot of the Titan and distracts. In no time Rebeca has enough energy to control it for good and she faints with a smile on her face. Cerberus picks her up and nurtures her like i was a daughter to it. They go home and rebuild it stronger and twice as fast and start a new life.