• I stepped outside of my house for a walk.

    Down this street. Up that street. Turning corners.

    I could see the night sky had arrived, and I was surrounded in the night filled sounds. Crickets and owls.

    I could taste the air getting colder. Crisper.

    I hear a crunch of leaves behind me.

    I whip around in time to see a man dressed in black, walking towards me at a steady pace with a knife in his hand.

    I ran.

    And ran. And ran,

    It looked as if I had lost him, but I knew I hadn't.

    I looked behind me and he wasn't there.

    Though, I ran some more.

    Being lost, I turned more corners, getting farther and farther away from my house.

    I turned one corner and I met up with him.

    The next moment everything went black.