• I ran through the halls and it felt like warm all around me again. No one watched me shove them or the others, partly because i was to fragile to hurt them. So fragile that i bet it just felt like wind brushing off their shoulders.
    The class was quiet when i sat down in my usual spot next to Janice. Her brown hair wasn't the same. Now it had red highlights and was up in a ponytail. "Hi," her voice was quiet as a tap on a desk.
    "Hey," i tried to sound as cute and shy as she did, but it sounded like any normal non-shy human being. The teacher shot glance and i shot a glance at the head in from of mine, Erin's. He twitched as if knowing i was staring at him. Class was quiet the rest of the hour.
    How could i possibly choose Erin as my partner? I did'nt know what i was thinking when Mr.Ivory called my name, Laurie. I just blurted out "Erin!" like i was desperatly in love with him. A hard tap on my shoulder interrupted my uncomforting thoughts.
    "Hello, Laurie. I-" I cut him off
    "I'm sorry i can speak with Mr.Ivory," i sounded as if i was about to do something i would regret.
    "Hold on one second," he sounded as if he was in pain.
    "I accept your offer."
    "Uh? Thanks...But you seem like you REALLY don't want to do this..."
    "I have to,"
    "Okay. I will see you..." my voice drowned out. I didn't know what to say to him.
    "Today. At my house,"
    "Okay, thank you," I just walked away. Not giving a second glance.