• Whispers Of My Tears Part 1 of 5:

    Long ago, in the distant shadows and wonders still hidden in the unknown part of life,... emotions, personality, love, and attitude, were the most strongest traits in all of human kind. As you see, when it was long ago before a single man or woman arrived to earth, trees and animals ruled our destiny millions of years. God, eventually, turned one of the first animals into a human being. One man named Don, one child named, Kiki, and one woman named Harriet. Don and Harriet had swore an oath that they will never leave each other or even cheat on each other for any woman or any man. After their oath, they lived happily in a hut with their child Kiki.

    All was a great happy family... but one day, as Harriet was cooking meals for her child and her husband, Don ran inside the hut in fury and terrible tempers!!!! ''You Cheater!! he said. ''You said you will always love me no matter what happens... and you broke my heart by broking the promise.. the promise of the oath!! Harriet did not understand why her beloved husband Don would say such heavy, hurtful things to her. She said, ''Oh Don.. when did I ever cheat on you? When? What did I do wrong? Don said, ''You wrote this letter... see? Harriet read the letter. After she read the letter, Don was in more anger than before.

    As Harriet gazed into Don's eyes, it was full of fire striking faster than the speed of light-the fire of his heart broken into trillions of pieces. Finally, Harriet said, ''Fine! If you don't believe me, then why don't you go live with someone else who could love you huh? Since you can't trust me or believe in me that i wasn't the one who cheated on you! Don said, ''NO! You will leave my house this instant... NOW! You have had an affair with somebody else that was more handsome or more attractive than me.. at least I have a good personality!

    Harriet cried making silent noises. Soon, she left her wonderful home in great sorrow. As her hot tears came drizzling down slowly down to her neck, she heard whispers of someone nearby. Harriet called, ''Who's there? But no one answered. She continued, ''Hello? Anyone hear me? As no one replied, she cried much stronger than before bringing more tears dropping down to her neck and wetting her dress. AGAIN!!! This time, Harriet heard whispers much more louder and clearer than before. ''Who is there? she asked. Shhhh... the voice replied. I am your soul. And your soul (which is Harriet's soul) tells you that your heart has been severely damaged. Harriet replied back, ''My soul? Oh, of course my heart is broken... after the way Don has accused me!

    The soul heard this and knew that something was going wrong. ''Accused You? ''What do you mean? Your husband lied to you. Isn't that the main cause of this catastrophe? Harriet replied. ''He lied to me? No! That's not why I'm sad? Confused and depressed, Harriet's soul went back into her tears and investigated Harriet's troubles.

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