• I was walking home with Natasha and Adrien. Like I always do. They are my two besties in the whole wide world! Even though Adrien is a boy, that doesn't mean that he can't be my friend.
    "So are you still going to that field trip Kacey?" asks Natasha.
    "Yah, um, I really don't know because you know how Tracy and Connor can get. Ugh, those twins are so annoying!"
    "Mrs. Rye said that it's okay if you can't go, they'll schedule a private flight there. Isn't that cool? And if you don't wanna go alone or anything I can cancel mine and go with y-........" Adrien starts drifting off with his sentence. I think it's because we were looking at him in a funny way.
    "Adri," Natasha calls him by his nickname. "Are you serious?" She gives him a dumbfounded look. "Anyways.... I heard that you-know-who is gonna be coming, and by himself!!"
    I look behind us while Natasha is yip-yapping away about how Bradley is gonna be at the field trip. Adri starts to walk slowly and he somehow ends up about ten feet away from us. He kicks a pebble into the street. Poor guy. Sometimes Natasha can be a total butt head at times and doesn't even realize it.
    Natasha notices that I was looking back at Adri. She stops and yells at him: "Adri get your butt over here! Or I will make you!"
    He caught up with us in the meantime. But speaking on the subject of Bradley. OMG, he is soooooo......... <3 I heart him sooooooo much. But his first name isn't "Bradley" we just call him by his last name to make it seem like a codename? I guess...... it's sort of obvious whoi we're talking aout though because everyone knows Kyle's last name. Which is Bradley. Kyle Lamont Bradley the second. I know his entire name! And, I know his mom's name, dad's name, first cousin's name, sister's name and last but not least, brother-in-law's name! Their naems are:
    Mom = Kelly Georgia Thompson-Bradley
    Dad = duh, Kyle Lamont Bradley but not forgetting the senior part!
    First Cousin = Cheryl Dream Adeline Dana Hillmont-Richardson
    Sister =Mackenzie Laura Hope Bradley-Hillingdale
    Brother-in-law= Cannon Craig Seth Hillingdale
    Whew! They have a lot of names, don't they? Luckily my naem is just plain old boring Kacey Steeplake. I know, Iknow, I don't have a middle name! Reason : no idea! And Steeplake? what type of last naem is that? I mean, come on now. i doubt you will ever find a person with the last of "Steeplake" besides me, my dad or my grandpa or the twins!