• Jayzlin stumbled through the night, her vision blurring. "I cant take it anymore...I need blood before I faint....Or worse..Die." she thought. With every burning second her thoughts became more and more confused. She tripped over her own feet and fell hard in the soft cold dirt. "I wish I could just lay here." She thought. Her eyes slowly closed and she went limp.
    Kieran meanwhile ran through the woods. "Jayzlin!" He shouted, his voice crisp, scattering the crows perched in the trees. He slowed to a walk then stopped. cupped his hands around his mouth and again shouted for Jazylin. "no...please no.." He thought then screamed fro Jazylin. the only answer he got was his own voice echoing. He closed his eyes, his black hair being tousled by the wind. He looked down to see footprints and began to follow them. After a while the foot prints stopped. Kieran looked around in confusion. "Its so dark.' He thought. He saw a shape lying down in the darkness and walked towards it and realized who it was. "Jazylin!" He shouted and gently lifted one of her eyelids only to see the white of her eye. He picked her up, surprised at how limp she was and walked back toward the academy. Raisa saw Kieran walking up to the gates of the academy and ran to open the gate. "Oh my god Kieran what happened to her?" She whispered.
    Kieran shook his head his light purple eyes full of confusion. "another fainter. What is going on and why are all the female vampires leaving the academy walls?" He said quietly. "The bigger question is how?" Raisa asked. Kieran sighed and the two Guardians walked back to the academy doors in silence.
    jayce tossed and turned in his bed, sweat breaking out on his forehead. "Jayzlin.....wait.....take me with you." He murmured. He started screaming shortly after. Dimitrios, his guardian burst in and shook him awake. Jayce sat up shaking. "Are you okay?" Dimitrios asked. Jayce nodded. "It was nothing, just a nightmare." he whispered. Dimitrios sighed when Jayce turned away. He stood up. "Jayce you are going to have to start trusting me alot more if I am going to be your guardian." he said then left. Jayce sighed and looked at his hands. "That's just it Dimitrios. I don't know who I can trust." HE thought.
    Mariebella woke up screaming at midnight not long after Jayce. "Make it stop!" She cried as a burning feeling spread through out her chest seeming to strangle her heart. Her breathing became shallow and her fangs started to dull. Her guardian, Lua ran in and saw the state that Mariebella was in. "s**t!" Lua said. She reached int o her back pocket and pulled out a shot and jammed it into the side of Mariebella's neck. Mariebella went still. Lua stared at Mariebella and closed her eyes. "I'm so sorry Bella.." She whimpered. Mariebella was expieriencing a nightmare. The nightmare that she had is different then other normla nightmares. Someone sent the dream and the dream killed her. The dream has the victim in it and the victim can be hurt and feel the pain in thier sleep or they are killed in the dream and are killed in thier sleep.
    Jazylin woke up in her bed sweating and her fangs sharp. Kieran was sitting in a chair in the corner of Jazylin's room. "I see you are finally awake." He said. Jazylin sighed. "why did you leave the acadamy?" Kieran asked. Jazylin remained silent. "Jazylin." Kieran growled.
    Jazylin kept her mouth shut. Kieran was growing impatient. "I need to know!" He said. "No you dont! Its my buisness! not yours!" Jazylin snapped. Kieran sighed. "Fine! You know I never asked to be assigned to guard you! You are not the only problem in my screwed up life that I have to deal with, make sure you understand that!" He snapped and left slamming the door behind him.
    Dimitrios bumped into Kieran as kieran left Jazylin's dorm. "Whoops sorry Ki." Dimitrios said. "Its fine."Kieran said. "Did you get Jazylin to say anything?" Dimitrios asked walking in the direction of the gym. Kieran walked after Dimitrios. "Nope. Thats just it she never talks." Kieran said. Dimitrios sighed.