• Hey, I'm Jason Reap, here with my sister, Alexis Reap. Listen carefully, if you don't want any trouble, stop reading this now. But, if you've got the guts to move ahead, then go right ahead.
    Now, here are your instructions. Go to the school, and find the locker. I won't tell you which school, or which locker. Use the combination, 11, 32, 11. Now, what you will find consists of unbearable power. If you hold on to it for too long, it will consume you. So, learn its secrets fast, in little then a week, then, pass it on.
    -"Stop stalling, hurry up and tell them the story."- "Alright, alright. Jeez, I was getting to that." I bet you're now wondering how we know of such a thing. Well, it all started in England.
    You see, our mom died when my sister and I were as little as 4 years old. Our grandparents didn't want us to have to stay with our father, considering he traveled around the world so much. (he was an architect.) So, they took it to court.
    It took two long years before they finally had the right to take...my sister, and not me. I was okay with that. I mean, my dad is a cool guy. But as for my sister, she was raised very...proper. I'm not saying that I'm a slob or anything like that, I'm just saying she's a lot more snobby then I am.
    Every year I would visit her at least twice. She went to private school, so it wasn't very often that she was home, except for the weekends. Me, I was home schooled.....well, whatever you could call home.
    Since I travel a lot with my dad, I just read whatever is in my bag. My dad says to keep a light bag, for carry on when we go on the plane, which is pretty much all I have. I have had practically almost every kind of book there is to read. Text books, fiction books, geography books, history books, you name it, I got it.
    So, back to England. Alexis and I were about 12 the last time we were in England together. From there on, we've been inseparable.
    My dad and I had just gotten off the bus, and ever since we landed in England, he's been acting....different. When we got off, he looked back for the billionth time and mumbled, "Still no sign of him."
    "Dad, are you okay?" I asked him. "What? Oh, yes, of course. Everything's fine son." he lied. My dad was a very bad liar. So, every few minutes as we were walking to my grandparents house, he would look up, down, left and right, and say the same thing, over and over.
    Finally, when we reached my grandparents house, Alexis was waiting outside. She had the same smug on her face she had given us ever since she found out she was going to live with our grandparents, as if it was our fault.
    "Hello sweet heart." my father said as he gave her a hug. She gave him a smile, and hugged him back, giving me that same smug she had on her face just a moment ago.
    "Hello daddy." She spoke with an English accent. "How was school?" dad asked. "Wonderful daddy." she replied. And once again, my father looked back, and his eyes widened quickly once he saw a man standing across the street in a black jacket, and a hat on watching us.
    "Um, kids, wait here." He said, as he quickly walked towards the man. I looked at my sister, and back at my dad...then back at my sister. Why was she giving my those dirty looks? " So, Alexis, how's...life?"
    "Terrible now that you're here." I ignored her. I couldn't stop focusing on dad. Slowly, I creep-ed over to the car right next to them, trying to hear what the were discussing. Trying not to make a sound, or get in sight, I peered my head up about the car hood. My sister sat next to me, doing the same.
    "Why are you-"
    "Shh!" I ordered her. I tried listening, but it was very hard. All I heard my father say was, "You know I can't just leave them." Leave who? Me and Alexis?
    "I won't take that medallion away from her, it was her mothers, and she cherishes it deeply."
    What?! This had something to do with our mother!!!! "Alexis,"
    "Let me see that medallion!" She took it off and handed it to me. I took mine out of my bag. "Where did you-"
    "I found it in the old house, in moms jewelry box." I explained. I examined that two. They look like puzzle pieces when you hold them close together. Slowly, I put the two together, and they etched into one another, as if someone was sowing cloth together.
    A very bright light appeared, and my father and the strange man caught us. The man quickly grabbed it from me, and began to look at it. Then, an earthquake struck...

    To Be Continued....