• a kid gets a bubble on amazon so he can sleep in peace despite his family's' loud snoring
    and when he gets it and gets inside of it,
    it morphs in the shape of a cat.
    the cat says she ate the boy and he is forever stuck inside of her.
    what is that smell? questioned the cat.
    my family. says the boy
    the cat gives him a gas mask and puts one on themselves.
    the cat poised and ripped a big one.
    Now, why don't we get something to eat? said the cat.
    they stole a bag of goldfish crackers and the biggest most beautiful salami sandwich in the world.
    but when the cat drank soda pop she bounced bubbly all over with the boy in her.
    but she broke a vase by accident
    oh no! said the boy. that vase was important!!
    well! said the cat mightily, we'll have to change that!
    she turned the person the vase belonged to into a vase.
    what if the police call her a missing persons case??!
    so she turned the police into a secret donut bakery called donut run from me!!
    and the fattest cop got turned into a paczki
    what about the neighbors? all that noise, they noticed!
    she turned them into old people who couldn't hear.
    the neighbor lady's husband said louder that she looked pretty today.
    he lady replied well I can see still!!
    he responded, that's why, you're colorblind.
    well!! now what should we do? said the cat.
    but the boy had fell asleep.
    when he awoke the cat was shaped like a ball again
    and the world was chaotic like the Bermuda Triangle took over the planet!
    Ahhh!! said the boy. What happened?!
    Um, I turned the world upside down looking for catnip.
    the boy facepalmed.