• I remember the first time I read a bomb treat written on a bathroom stall.

    It was about 20mintues before the bell rang for the next class and I needed to go. I just finished up working on my chemistry test so I asked to use the pass. I quicky rushed to the restroom and to the last stall so I could do my business. As I finished, I turned to the wall and noticed a note written in ink on the wall.

    It stated... "The school will be gone at 2:00 pm today."

    As I looked at my watch it stated 10:49 am. I went back to class and told my teacher about the note and she asked me to take her to it.

    5mintues later, the Vice Principal looked at it and told me to go back to class.

    About an hour later, the whole school was ordered to wait out at the football field. It was the longest 2 hours I have ever spent and was bored. The caffitera had ended up giving us sack lunches since all of the students were not allowed into the building. By the time we was called back in, it was 2:30 and we had to go attend our 6 period classes.

    The bomb was never found but I learn, next time there was a bomb threat; I would bring 5 books with me instead of 2.