• When i was in the 10th grade, my Biology class was studying genetics. Every year the class would do the same project, partner up with a person of your choice and combine each others traits to see what your baby would look like. It was differant that year. Insted we had to write down our traits on two differant sheets of paper we kept one, and the other went into a jar for someone to draw randomly. I was joking with my friend Jude when i saw him drawing his child. It had to be the ugliest child i had ever seen. Big ears, large clefted chin, small eyes, unibrow,mfreckles. It was bad. So i went up to Jude and said " That is the ugliest woman i have ever seen, NEVER HAVE CHILDREN!!"
    he just looked at me and said "WELL NEITHER SHOULD YOU!" it was my genes he drew from the jar. The two of our trait made that troll thing.