• so in grade 9 i met this girl and we became friends but i started having feelings for her and because of my crappy self esteem back then I really couldnt get myself to talk to her in person so I asked her out on facebook. And of course since i really hadn't talked to her in months she turned me down and I havent talked to her since, even though she sits next to me in my grade 11 religion class. FML lol.

    Besides that another crappy thing that happened was I fought one of my close friends and for no reason really whatsoever. gave him a black eye, he made my nose bleed which apparently made him the winner of the fight, pissed me off so much stressed but at least i still talk to him.

    So now im realizing that most of my friends, the people who ive known for years are really annoying unpeasant people, and im really tired of them and yet im going to have to suffer around them for a year and a half before i graduate.