• My first drumline competition, I was thrilled and excited and more. I hadn't even signed up for it but they were short handed and i was one of the best marimba players in my class. I told Ms. Kaser I'd do it and it was that much easier having Anna a senior as our Pit captain. Not to mention Josh a junior helping her out. I also wanted to go to hang out with my friend Angela very much. I adored her to the point I'd beat anyone to a bloody pulp if they messed with her.
    Can you keep a secret? I also wanted to get to know our school's best snare drum player i had been admiring him from a distance and I wanted to watch him play some more. When I went in front of that crowd I was exhilarated and well nauseous. I made the grave mistake of talking when the whistle blew and I shut up immediately. I had froze a few time but once when went to the second movement I felt more confident and played for a good while until I noticed I had to switch with my friend Mark to the Vibraphone I had to hurry though because I had only a few measures of rest.
    All in all at least I played unlike one person who didn't even show up to the competition. We had gotten it over with and I was disappointed in myself. I knew i needed more discipline and I needed to care more about it because it was a serious matter and it was Anna and Chris' last year and i wanted to do well for them. I practiced harder, asked for help when I was stuck on something and I really needed work on my technique. I would choke the mallets a lot and I would have a hold of them with my palm an inch away from the bottom and by the end of the show I'd nearly touch the mallet head. Then time went by and the championships was closing near.
    I had drama to deal with which was more like three, there were three boys I all really liked two of them my ex boyfriends and the other a new found spark from another school we share the bus with. I wish I hadn't made the descision I had but no ones perfect. I should of given Daniel a chance but I had broken up with my ex before the competition and being the nice guy he was didn't want to catch me off the rebound. My other ex Marcos was also in drumline and told me he would liked it if I had picked him but if i had chosen Daniel after words he wouldn't of minded because all he wanted was to see me happy which is why I love him so much we never got together though not Marcos or Daniel. It was nice at the championships though we had made fourth place!
    Afterwards we went to the mall to celebrate in the me and Marcos had gone to the anime store and I bought a Yuki Sohma from Furuba plushie. It looked like Marcos so it was his mini me, in the bus though I sat with Daniel and it was cold and we snuggled under the blanket I had brought. The boy I mentioned earlier that i had admired from afar spoke up. "Why don't you two go out?! I know you like her and she likes you back everyone knows so don't deny it!" Jesse said. "I want to respect her bounderies she just broke up with her boyfriend and I don't want it to seem I'm taking advantage of her" Daniel said. I laid my head on his shoulder and snuggled closer it seemed like forever but we made it back to our school. I bid him farewell and embraced him a fake smile on my face and a mournful look on his face and we went our seperate ways.