• & after four years ; i believe
    high school is where you find yourself..

    High school is one big soap opera`'
    Everyone is gossiping about everyone else
    & at the end of the day, you wonder
    what's going to happen tomorrow. <3`'

    I’m so sick of immaturity, of name calling, of labels, of gossip,
    of HIGH SCHOOL. it just doesn’t make sense to me anymore
    & i find myself being nice to people that I would rather strangle.

    Remember that game telephone?
    where one person would say something...
    & by the end of the game it was totally different?

    Drama, emotions, changes , tears , broken hearts
    & these are supposed to be the ["best years of our lives”] ?

    Welcome to a world where everyone talks about each other.
    Everyone lies. Everyone tries to be something they're not.
    Nobody can keep a secret for their life & friendships that
    have lasted years are broken. Believe it or not, this world
    actually exists. it goes by the name of high school.

    I live in a place where a majority of the people get high;;
    The grades get low;; & if someone has a secret, EVERYONE knows.

    too much drama up in this fake
    hearted school. The preps ; the Goths ;
    the less-than-cool. where it starts & stops;
    who's to define? who's to be trusted &
    where to draw the line? screaming &
    crying & all the useless chatter. you live,
    you die, only life is what matters..
    Filled with smiles, lies, & fears..
    welcome to the magic of HiGH SCH00L YEARS ..

    | relationships | prom | grades | friends |
    | peers | boys | girls | popularity |
    it`s all overrated. the day you graduate from high school,
    you won't care a thing about it.

    When you're a teenager every little problem seems S0 MUCH BiGGER
    then it REALLY is.. just think the next time you start to stress over the
    little things.. is this even going to matter five years from now?

    People say highschool is about getting an education
    and getting into a good college to succeed in life.
    Well, to me, highschool is about making memories
    and good times that will last forever <3