• all this tym i waited 4 u but all u just did was ignore and forget about me that's why i hated you so much and now u wanted to get back at me i won't accept u anymore cause all u just did was break my heart into pieces and i won't let you do it again and again cause..........

    crying ..............:cause i'm done of all old sufferings i felt in you:.................... crying

    if u love someone u better prove it cause if u don't they might not believe it...:for love is not a noun to be defined but a verb to be acted upon...............

    everytime i see him
    i tell to myself.:i've moved on..:
    everytime he smiles at me..
    i tell to myself..:yeah..:
    were just friends but when he looked at me.
    i end up saying..:hay..:why do i love him... confused ..

    in my life i never tried to impress someone4 them 2 like me cause when i do i will have 2 kip that image 4 the rest of my life and it's hard 2 pretend 2 be somebody else..i may not be that close 2 perfection like other people are but who cares?it's not them whom i live 4 anyway..what matters is that i know how i look like inside out & i'm worthy...this is me as what they say if you can't handle my worst then you don't deserve my best....