• I walked out of the change room. I had forgoten my gym shirt so I was stuck wearing my school outfit. It was vair mismatched. I was wearing my white under shirt with a sweater-shirt over top. I pulled on my button up sweater. I did up 4 of the 7 buttons.

    "Kerstyn!" I looked up to see Emily running towards me, "You're on!! Hurry up and get your funky colored self over there or your going to have to forfit! Get going Kurby! Sheesh..."

    She was my friend but still. I ran over to the far court to see my partner standing on the other side. Her face was really red so I figured she was pissed.

    "Sorry.." I muttered. She looked up and raised her eyebrows.

    I let out a groan and walked towards my teams side. I twisted my head to duck under the net. Of course this was my "BIG" entry. I lifted my head back upright and started to walk to my side of the court. Suddenly I was jerked back.

    "What the ********.." I looked back to see that my button got caught in the net. Laughter spread around me as I fiddled with my button. I sighed and told my partner, Felicia, to get Mr. G, our coach.

    She came back with him and he tred to get me loose.

    "********..." I swore again while he left to get some scissors.. I let my head drop as the laughter echoed around me...