• It was second day before school was out for the summer , the bell just rung , it was time to go home.
    Two kids in front of me playing, two kids in front of me playing while more than a thousand kids around them was trying to pass through one exit. I tried to go around them , but no use people kept getting in my way , what a coincidence . One of the kids playing bump into me ,apologized with a easy simile , like he gives a crap . I simile back and turned my music up to an deafening level . They went back to playing. I watch them play while the space in front of them grew bigger. I pause occasional , not wanting to bump into them or when one of them move back too far . Everyone was walking too slow , I was anxious to get outside. I don't know exactly when I started to get angry , I might be when I bump into a girl half my size failing to walk around the two kids playing and she look at me like I just spit in her face or when a saw someone in my class that I left siting in their seat ahead of me . I could never picture my self hitting anyone of my free will . If anyone ask me to describe myself I would say I am a pacifist or what my friends calls me sometimes a 'pushover' but on that day when I felt my temperature in my body rising and my heart beating a mile per minute . I was nothing but an animal. I jump on that guys back grabbed his head and start mashing it into the ground repeatedly , like I was possessed . I caught him off guard , he was facing me backward , his attention on his friend .I'm sure with my body weight on his and by time I mashed his head twice he was too weaken to fright me off. His friend I think , was in shock since he was at the same spot when I ran . The people around did as any teenagers did when they see a fight . Crowd around and shout. I remember putting everything I could in those strikes. I don't think I thought of anything or anyone at that time , just kept ramming his face into the floor . I guess when they saw that the guy was bleeding and I didn't stop , they became quiet or that what I think anyway because I remember hearing the shouts of the school administers and teachers making their way through the crowd very clearly. I remember my panic , and how I thought of my poor mother working two jobs to support me and my brothers coming to school or jail for me. I saw my mother cry once, the imprint of her crying would forever stuck in my mind . Her eyes, that were red ,the never ending tears traveling down her cheeks, the sounds she made.That day I told myself that I would never make her cry and if someone else other than myself did, they would wish to whatever god they sever to take them away after I'm though with them. I guess that's part of why I ran. Nobody from the crowd stop me , they just step out of the way like I was their new messiah or something. I believed that day was my luckiest day ever and that praying to god at night final paid off because the bus was about to leave and it was common thing to see kids running to get the bus so I was free to until the next day . The next day (the last day of school ) I went to school , yes I now stupid right? But I had to because of finals and I didn't want to fail the 9th grade ( yeah,i realize how dumb that was). I was like man on dead roll when I entered the school. I saw some cops not the usual ones I see everyday standing around. Went to my testing locating like I was suppose to , took my tests all the while waiting for my name to be called to the office. Kids all around me talking about how some kid got jumped. I think around second period they made at announcement. They said someone was attack yesterday and how if any knows anything please go to the consulting office and how their confession will be anonymous . I heard the full story from my friends and overheard conversation , apparently a little while after I ran, everyone ran so I'm guess it somewhat of a stampede. The people they did caught was too far back in the crowd to do see anything. I don't know what happened to the guy and I try to stare clear of any conversion that involve that accident(arrogance is a bliss) . I confessed next year(my guilt was killing me) they put me in an angry management class, got my self a stress ball. Oh I did pass the 9th grade ,amazingly got a 90 on my first period final.