• I feel that the time has come for me to have a girlfriend. I know you're out there somewhere. Don't worry, I'll find you.
    And when i do i hope that you will love me because im derek not because im mikes younger brother. I hope you wont be embarrassed when my clothes dont match or be annoyed when i want to watch the lakers on espn instead of party of five.
    I hope that you will remember i play soccer not football and that i play defense and that every weekend i live with my dad.
    I pray that you'll love me despite my tendancy to forget birthdays and if your parents invite me to dinner please write thaere names really small on my hand so i can use it as a reference.
    Please know that i will constantly act strong and in control but inside i am actually lost and confused. (Just dont tell my friends.) please dont worry if i hurt myself skateboarding. Instead be there to mend my wounds with kisses.
    Understand that loving eachother means being together but not all the time. We should never bail on our friends. Also at times that i may act jealouse or be overly protective but only because i have insecurities not because you are doing anything wrong.
    And if we fall out of love with one another please dont hate me. And if i cry in front of you please dont laugh at me. Please know that i am sensitive. . . in a manly tough way.
    Please be honest with me without being hurtful. After all i am a boy. And i promise to open doors for you and buy your ticket when we go to the movies.
    And no your not fat so please dont constently ask. And you dont need makeupeither. Oh and dont be upset if you cut your hair and i dont notice. I will love you even in levi's and a t-shirt.
    I hope you dont think im asking to much of you. I just want to be happy making you happy. Im coming to find you so dont go anywhere. Stay where you are who ever you are.