• 2 Weeks had pass since the first day of school. My friend Anna had join the school's News paper, OH LORD! If news got out I kissed Yami my Image is
    I mean, yeah he's the 'Star Player' of the Football team, not
    to mention his parents are mad rich. Yeah I want to be popular, BUT GOING AS LOW AS TO DATE YAMI TO DO SO! never.... he's an idiot a [******** IDIOT! not to mention he thinks hes the hottest thing in this school,psst!, please
    I mean even the sluttiest girl in school would date him for kicks, let a lone kiss him.

    As the last bell ranged, I rushed out the door, I been avoiding 'certain'
    people for the past 2 weeks. The class Rep. had seen how smart I was and my perfect attendance awards. He been begging to get me to work with him.
    (Like hell I was! That b*****d should have let me be Class Rep.)

    As I head for the Exit, something had stop right in front of me.I ell on the floor, "ow!" "Oh R-Raffina, sorry I didn't see you there." he reached out his hand to pick me up."Oh no, Its OK I should be more careful any way." I said in my most elegant voice. "Oh, OK..." I looked at him curiously, "Hey, aren't you in my home room?" I asked him, getting his attention,"U-uh yes, the A class."
    "Oh now I remember, you also was in the office the first D-!" That reminds me
    wasn't I suppose to be going some where?

    "UH y-yeah," he sound nervous,putting his hands in his pockets.
    "Well ,my name is R- wait! how you know my name?"
    "I listen to the teachers after school, they speak so highly of you, your so smart." he said proudly. "By the way, my name is Murda, nice to get to know you." he said, looking at his watch, "Well I gots to go,see you around."

    He waves 'good bye' and head out the door. As I went to my locker
    to get my things a shadow hovered over me. I turned around and find Yami looking down at me. His hand move to the side of the locker moving closer towards my face.

    "What are you...." at that moment,I should have moved, but it
    was to late, he KISSED me again! I panicked. My hand feverishly pushed him away, I looked around (OK no ones around, that's good).

    " WHAT THE HELL ,MAN!" I yell at him,looking serious. "If you're trying to get 'something' out of me then FOREGET IT!! You creep." He smirks at
    me, "Well aren't we fidgety today, just how I like it,playing hard to get are we?"
    rape, is all I can think of(Is he going to- no I wont let him have me, not like that! I'm still a virgin, I got to run)

    "Any way what happen 2 weeks ago, I meant to ask you if-....i-i-if you want to be my girl friend...?" I blink,"Y-you mean like friends?!" "Uh, no like dating and stuff..."

    (AAAAAAAAH!! I can't believe this! Of all the girls out their to date he likes,NO!, WANTS TO DATE MEEE! this is perfect, just 'perfect' this stupid! ugly, taller then buildings, hot headed jock want m-! WAIT A MINUTE!)

    A plan formed in my mind. With a 'boy friend' like Yami, I might
    have a chance at get my revenge on the class Rep.!, I mean yeah Yami isn't
    my type of guy, but my popularity will go up just a bit and I will no longer be the simple, pathetic loser I was my freshman year!

    I blush a little at him waiting for my answer, "A-are you pulling my leg! A guy like you would never even think about dating some one like ME!" I squeaked, acting a little nervous."Of course I do! ever since I saw you I wanted to...it just you was so different from every one." (DIFFERENT! WHAT THE HELL IM I NOW YOU DOG!) "Well OK I guess, but don't tell anyone we're
    dating ok!? I don't like the the attention." I said In my sweetest and polite voice, trying not to throw up for what I just said.

    He grabs me around the waist and takes me into another kiss,
    this time deeper. I pull away, "A-and can we pleeease take it steady!"
    he huff, fustated at my requests,"Fine...." "Well see you tomorrow then...SWEETY."