• Black hair, going straight down my back, with bang going down my face.
    Lavender lipstick on my lips, to match my eyes, while I but a little pink blush on my pale skin. I go to my purple closet and pull out my black pants and purple turtle neck I usually wear to school.
    The same as usual... I grab my book bag and go down stairs to greet my parents, whom are sitting at the table. My dad with his $50,000 suit on
    reading the newspaper while holding a cup of coffee, while my mom is making
    my favorite breakfast, Bacon and an egg sandwich with grape jelly.
    "Good morning Shannon, I made you breakfast." my mom said with a smile. "Thanks mom." "Remember to eat everything, today you have a test in Science." "I will dad." "Oh, honey, are you staying after school today?""Yes mom, Dad are you ready?" "Sure honey. Let me finish my coffee so I can take you OK." Dad said, sipping his last bit of coffee, putting the cup in the sink. I finished my breakfast and head to the door, where my dad waits for me in the car.
    As I get to school, waving goodbye to my dad, I was greeted with a hug by my friends Alex, Stacey, and Kristan. We laugh and talked all the way
    to home room. Me and Stacey have the same classes together, our homeroom
    is 3A while Alex and Kristan have homeroom 3C. We been friends since first year of high school. Alex the party girl, she hasn't been friends with to many girls until she met us,(she's a lesbian) and she's pretty to for a red head, any boy would want to date her,but she turns them down. Then there the quite one Kristan, she cares about every one feelings and is always there to help. Stacey the smart one with the glasses, I call her my sister since we have the same personality, except she likes blue over purple and dates nerdier boys with freckles.
    Then theirs me, Shannon Perfect, I'm a 14 year old junior, the class president of Kiki High School. I'm no.1 student of the year with perfect attendance and grades. I won many scholarships to EVERY University in the United States. I friends are the best, we might not agree on every thing or have the same things in command, but it's nice to have someone to talk to.
    After school was a different story. Once my friends leave to go home,
    I stay after school to tutor other students. But mostly after that I go to the boys locker room at the gym to meet my boy friend Akatsuki. Akatsuki is the leader of the foot ball team at our school,(I call him Aka for short). I wait for about a half a hour for him to come out, every one has already left....
    -maybe he's talking to his coach?- I go into the locker room, no ones here?! wait is someone yelling? I walk further into the room, the noise stop?
    I put my hands on the lockers as I walk further into where the noise was. Wait!? now I hear moans.
    I turn the corner and to my eyes I see my boyfriend....
    k-k-kissing another g-g-girl! not me a SENIOR GIRL! with a bigger chest and every thing. HIS hands all over HER body. He finally notice me and stops kissing
    her, "Sh-Sh-Shannon! It's not what you think! This girl was trying to seduce me!" "What! Theirs no use trying to lie to her you dog!" "Shut the ******** up you whore, I would never kiss any one but Shannon,GOT THAT!" "Oh what ever! I can't believe boys like would lie to some one so nieve like her." "HEY! DON'T YOU DARE CALL HER NIEVE AGAIN YOU B--!" Oh but dating you she might as well be!" He grabs the girl and slams her into the locker with one hand in a fist ready to smash her pretty little head."WAIT! Aka don't do this! Let her go before you kill her!" I scream, he looks at me and let the poor girl down who is shocked at what just happen.
    We walked home in silence, until Aka breaks the silence with his
    lips crushing into mine, pining me against a tree."You know I would never cheat on you Shannon." he said looking at me seriously pissed,"I love you, that girl has been trying to split us up for a while now. I told her I was dating
    you but she wouldn't listen to me!" he spat while slamming his fist into the tree. "I know, I know Aka we go through this all the time with her." I said trying to calm him down. Yes I know I should be made at this but every one already knows that slut been trying to get close to Aka like she does to every boy who's in the foot ball team. Akatsuki is over obsessive with me.
    I walk pass Aka so we can continue walking, he stops me."Then why haven't you talked to me?" I sigh,"Sorry, It just been a long day and all. I might go straight to bed so don't call OK...?" He folds his arm in protest, "You said you might go to bed, so I'll call you late OK." as usual,"Fine I'll see you tomorrow OK." as he gave me a kiss goodbye. I walked slowly to my door,
    Aka is nice and he wouldn't even think about cheating on me but... could he at least be attracted to other girls besides me, just a little...
    "All well, until tomorrow... AS USUAL."