• I entered the large building, covered with dust. I bit my lip. I bet I wasn't going to enjoy Chestnut High School. The stairs were all wonky, the toilets didn't lock properly... there were loads of Bad Things happening.
    The only Good Thing was that my best friend Gemma was joining next term. But it was TOO long to wait. I fidgeted on the toilet. The door was a bit open, but nobody went in this hall. When I got out into the hall, I saw a group of girls chatting.
    "Look at her face," sneered one.
    "Just staring," snarled another.
    "She's jealous," laughed the other.
    They all flounced off. I looked shocked. I was gobsmacked! Why were they so rude?

    Next term I got in a gang with Gemma. I had made friends with a girl called Alicia too.
    "Look! It's the lamebrain!" shouted Abigail, the girl in the group.
    "Run away! QUICKLY!" screamed Mia, the second one.
    "Hurry!" squeaked Chloe.
    I snarled. "Looks like THEY are scaredy-cats just of a person like ME."
    We started whispering and then we all cracked up laughing. Then we stalked off in the direction to Maths.
    Abigail sighed. "We can't let them beat us."

    The next day as Mum dropped me off I went off to greet Gemma and Alicia. They were at the gates, waiting for me.
    "Driving lessons were smashing, weren't they?" I asked.
    "Yes. Miss Stocking was never so good at tests," Alicia said.
    "She was just wonderful, she made me forget about Abigail," smirked Gemma, looking at Abigail, who was flashing her a smirk.
    "Ha! Her gang is ALWAYS jealous of our genius," I smiled. "I suppose she wants to play a few pranks and get away from being told off." We all whispered, then cracked up laughing again, and stalked off.