• Well, i don't know what are so special about you. I don't know why your every movement can draw my attention so easily without any doubt.

    Everything started from last two year, i guess.We chatted & studied & shared our happiness and sadness together.Almost every day, i sent messages to you,asking about your conditions and greetings.Although you were somewhere else ,you would definitely sent messages to let me knew.Yes, i knew .This all were our past.

    I started to miss you & i really wanna express my feelings to you.Indeed ! ! My mouth is like being zipped by the zippers. I think a lot , now what i want is just you...Now i understood that why my friends said that it was hard to throw out even though it is just merely THREE WORDS ! !

    Now, i am studying abroad and you are still in Malaysia. However, you had been selected to take the teacher's course in other states of Malaysia,which is Terengganu. What i could say is " We are being so close which hurts me the most." Although i know you just for around two years, i think that it's enough to comprehend each other deeply since we sms almost every day.

    You had left .I also had left. Do your heart still has the place for me? I never did a present for you if i didn't love you. When i saw you, i wanna hide! I am so shy ~

    I still remembered last a few weeks,before you left ,we had a conversation with laptop which was the sweetest memory for me. At that moment ,my heart is yelling your name,hoping you can hear it..Even i were stupid, i knew you couldn't hear it. We chatted until around 4.25 am, and suddenly you said that you wanna restarted the computer,you asked me to wait you online back. But you didn't, i still waited...waited patiently. When i waited until 5am, i couldn't continue to wait as at 9 am, i had class..So, i decided to gave up.

    I told myself that maybe your parents saw you online at dawn, getting irked .I considered this reason as a good reason cause her parents very strict to him. Now, he is somewhere else .He is at the place i don't know . I wanna ask him a lot of questions.." How are u?" " How does the place u are staying looks like?" ...But the main point is i REALY WAnna ask " Do You Miss Me ?"...In fact, i will not ask him this for sure... crying

    I had chosen a choice. I will let the God to decide everything. I believe God will arrange perfectly. If he be able to come to South Korea which the place where i am staying after applying for the scholarship, i will let him know about my feelings slowly by slowly. If the destiny turns another way, i will try to forget you...

    Love not only depends on ourselves.Sometime love also depends on fate...

    What do you think about it? After seeing my story, i need some advice. Hope that someone can give me some guilds. Do i really have to forget him or i have to express my feelings to him ? Thank for your willingness to spend your priceless time on my story.... smile