• In high school there is always a prom promise. Well i actually got to go to one where they had the helicopter come down and everything. As i was watching it I happened to relize what happened not to long ago..

    My friend Justin was 18, smart, intelligent, very cute decided to join the Army. He could not get in so he decided to work a little bit to get in college. He worked at a Mc. Donalds every night. He had to ride his bike because he did not have a car. He was getting employee of the month because of his hard work.
    Then that one day came...

    Justin decided to ride his bike to work along the side of the road. Then a Drunk driver (around 17) hit him. Justin flew off his handle bars around 200 ft in the air and fell on his handlebars. The handlebars stuck inside his chest. The kid was dumbfounded and called 911 and got an ambulance to take him to the hospital. They pulled the handlebars out thinking it was best. Then he got worse and had to call Bay flight to take him to Hudson. Justin made it to the hospital, but by the time I got to the hospital they pulled the plug and he was gone.

    So that flashback happened when bay flight came in. I was crying hard and long because my dearest friend Justin died because of drunk driving at 18. crying