• Sometimes I cut myself
    Just to feel the pain.
    Then I hide my scars
    Because of all the shame.
    The pain is awful,
    I do it just to feel.
    Sometimes I have to make sure
    Everything's still real.
    My life has been bad, and
    I do it to forget.
    I cut my arms
    Then I cry as I sit,
    Alone in my room,
    Hoping for someone
    To save me from this,
    So I can finally say I've won.
    I want to quit this habit,
    Yet, I still reach for the blade
    I cry out in pain.
    My arm turns that familiar red shade.
    I get that adrenalin rush.
    The blood runs over my hand.
    I hear someone coming,
    So I attempt to stand.
    My legs feel weak
    And I fall to the ground.
    I've done it again,
    I don't hear another sound...
    I wake up two days later
    In a hospital bed.
    I feel like Hell
    There's a pounding in my head.
    For the first time in seven months
    I haven't been high.
    I breathe in deeply
    And let out a sigh.
    Withdraws hurt like a b***h,
    But it feels good.
    It's going to be hard,
    But I know I should.
    I'm not only hurting myself,
    I'm hurting others too.
    I have to stop this s**t,
    I need to become someone new.