• -~* It Hit Me, Jane Was Gone With Him.No Hope Was Left In The Empty Hallway*~-

    "NO!!!!" I Screamed In The Back Of My Head. And She Showed Up. emo
    "You Must Shush My Dear, They Will Know If You Say Another Word" She Whispered..
    "Mom?!?!?!?!" I Whispered To The Mysterious Women... eek
    '-Laughs- No My Dear, Its Marae, Your Grandmother.." She Whispered To Me. 4laugh
    "I.. I... I..." I Broke Into Tears As I Thought Back. "Mom Said You Were Dead.." crying
    "No! How Could She! My Own Daughter!" As Grandma' Furiously Said Under Her Breath.
    "She Lied..?!" I Said As My Eyes Flooded With Tears... crying
    "Sadly.. Yes My Dear. She Lied About Me.. Ever Since That Meeting.." Said Grandma'
    "What Meeting?!" Meeting.. It Bounced In My Head.. M-E-E-T-I-N-G..It Sounded Familiar
    "The Meeting.. She Met Victor & Victoria.. She Went To Their House At 18 Years.." She Says.
    "Then Grandma'?" I Felt More Curious Than Ever.. But My Own Mother Lied To Me.. cry
    "Nevermind.. That Leads To Nothing. Lets Cut To The Chase.. You Have Powers My Dear!"
    "WHAAA?!" eek I Couldn't Be-


    To Be Continued... Or Not? rofl Please Message Me If Liked 4laugh