• While talking on the phone with the love of my life, a curious question snuck into our conversation. His voice sounded soft and quiet, as if he was fighting sleep or being wary not to wake his younger brother in the other room. As I lay on my bed with Pancho curled in a ball close up next to me, he sweetly asked, “Babe, what’s a memory of us you will never forget?”
    I got quiet, then giggled quietly, burying my face in my fluffy blanket. “Are you OK?” He asked, actually seeming worried about me.
    “I’m fine... just thinking.” I replied.
    In my head, a lovely memory played in my head, making me feel bubbly and warm.
    I remembered October 2, 2011, the day Stephen and I had our first kiss.

    He was walking me to the back of the 500’s. where he’d head home through the back gate and I’d stay at 503 for an AP Euro Study Group. He hugged me once we reached the end of the sidewalk between the 400 and 500 buildings. His eyes were glistening brown and seemingly overwhelmed with passion. He looked into my eyes and made me feel hypnotized. He whispered to me, “I love you...” and kissed me softly, sending my belly into a frenzy of butterflies and made my heart do several back flips.
    I blushed, and he laughed sweetly, not in a teasing way.
    “I love you too.” I said, blushing and burying my face in his black, smooth jacket.
    Then we went our separate ways.

    “The day we had our first kiss.” I whispered confidently into the phone.
    “Awe!” He replied.