• Being a young age I learn new things that others have known their whole lives and sometimes those things can become very bad. I know that my mental problem doesn't help me at all, having MPD never helps anyways. I cant help but enjoy the mysteries the horrors and the destruction around the things that are what some call beautiful. The mysteries are of the peoples way of thoughts, horrors of what they have been through and the destruction of what they have done in the past or soon to be future. Everyone can possibly relate to this or can question why as well as how someone like me has the mind of an adult.
    You can judge me based on this if you want maybe its why I am currently making it or not I don't know yet. If you ever think the way I do it feels like you understand the most ******** up things clearly or somewhat. I cant help but notice the pain of people or the way they try and hide themselves from others. Yet it is understandable and easy to learn, we all hide our past or try to. We are sometimes afriad to tell what happened long ago based on two things judgemental people and feeling like a fool. Why do I think such things when I later become confused or frightened.... gaia_nitemareleft