• "Sean, Lets go to the cemetery."Dave said to a tall, freckled face man, with long red hair.
    "You really miss her, don't you? Fine, but we have to hurry." Sea replied. They only stopped to get more lights.
    During the walk, Dace started thinking to himself I should have known. She would still be alive and I could have had a boy or girl. Sean stopped at the gate," I will wait for you here." He patted Dave's shoulder. Dave smiled and walked to the grave.
    He walked slowly, stopping at the front, grabbing her favorite; a blood red rose basket. He still could not face it, he thought of her popping out of the ground, completely unscathed. Then, the ground started to rumble, Anne Robinson, one thought farther than the grave then anyone could imagine sprouted out of the ground. She was as beautiful to Dave, I can't be fulled by this darn(used beaver creek but you know gaia) illusion. But he let himself. She held him tight, walking out of the cemetery.
    Sean notices Dave leave, and a girl was holding his arm. He goes running," Dave you dip! Forget about me why don't ya!" Her catches up and freezes. He saw Anne in front of him. Dave smiled.