• My heart began to race. As I sat there in front of him,wearing only a swim suit, I couldn't help but blush. The air was cool and snow was falling. Three days before my fifteenth birthday. Me. Tala Nichole Rhymes, is finally going to be in tenth grade. I tried to ignore the stinging cold and the thought of wanting to kiss the boy, no, the man in front of me. His name is Aaden Waller. He has dreamy, curly hair, soft blue eyes, and the muscular body. I can't take it. "Aaden?" I ask. Aaden looked up from the sketch her was drawing of me. "Can we please go? I'm getting a bit cold," I ask while pulling on my heavy coat.

    Aaden was a bit like me. I too had blue eyes and a muscular body. But I had long golden hair. My heart skipped a beat as he stood up and walked over to me. Aaden looked at me with his cool eyes. He wrapped his arms around me in a hug. "Tala..." He said. I stopped breathing. He hasn't called me by my full name since preschool. "Tala, I..." He stopped. "Please, go on!" I yell in my head. He sighed and let go of me. "Lets get out of here," Aaden said sternly.

    Aaden and I went to Twilight Boarding School. As we headed back to our dorms I caught a glimpse of him crying. My heart broke in two. He has never cried in his life. I hurried to my dorm and got on my computer. I messaged my best friend, Nikki Loun.

    Tala23: OMG Nikki!
    Nik54: What's up Tal?
    Tala23: Nik! Aaden cried!
    Nik54: No way... Did he?
    Tala23: Duh! You have to get over here now!
    Tala23 has signed off.

    I changed out of my suit and got on my pajamas. I couldn't stop thinking about Aaden standing in front of me. Studying my body. Was the sketch of me for my birthday? I laid down and sighed. What was Aaden going to say to me while he hugged me? After that I fell asleep and didn't wake up 'til sunrise. As the sun rised I looked around my room and noted a single rose near my computer. I got up and saw a note. "I LOVE YOU TALA!" The note read. My eyes widened. "Aaden," I thought. I smiled and turned on some music. I danced around the room screaming with joy. "I have to find him!" I yell. I race out of my room and outside. I see Aaden in the middle of the school. He sees me and waves. "Hey Tal. What's up?" I stop. Tal? But yesterday? And the note? I stare at him then at the ground. Tears formed in my eyes. I fall to my knees and Aaden ran over. "Tal are you ok? What's wrong?!" I can't breath. My vision gets fuzzy. "Aad...Aaden!" I yell. My last word conscious. I fall into his arms. "TALA!" He yelled. The whole school heard him. Nikki came running down the hall. "Aaden! What happened?" She asked kneeling down.

    I see nothing now. I hear them scream, but I can't move or speak. "Aaden," I thought. "Why did you call me Tala that day?" The doors in my mind close and I can see someone. A woman. She's smiling. Who is she? "My sweet Tala," She says kneeling beside where I sat. "Tala, do you know who I am? I am you. Now wake up and see your friends." She fades away and the doors open again. I open my eyes slowly and look and Aaden and Nikki.