• Why is it I feel to never leave his life?
    The sound of his voice?
    His sweet, loving voice...
    Oh how it makes me feel
    Such tranquility, so serene
    When he gets nasty
    And mean
    I only wish to redeem
    His achy, breaky heart
    His happiness, is mine
    Somewhat, not all the time
    But no one
    Can compare
    To him
    The one who stole my heart
    Love at first sight
    The one who kept me warm
    As we gazed at stars
    and galaxies
    Through the night
    I want to be there
    For him
    In his heart
    He is still in mine
    I'll keep looking after him
    No matter what
    Ever comes to reality
    I must be his little, Guardian something
    For I am surely not a Saint of Thee