• my name is alana, i have a brother his name is tj, i have a sister her names corrine, my moms name is colleen, my dads name is larry. last year i lived with my mom, but theres something not normal about my mom, ok well, she has prisities (however you spell it) its little bugs that are inside of her, but they are in her cheek they've been in her for 5 years now and it is killing my mom. She goes to the hospital but everytime she does they tell her its just her, shes making this up BUT SHES NOT!!! then they go and send her to a mental hosptial, they've drugged her up soo many times and last year when we lived with her she was drugged up so badly she said that she doesnt even remember having us live with her. ok well thats my moms story. ok well like 6months ago, me, my mom, and my borther lived in a 2hosue apartment, where someone lives on top and someone lives on the bottem k? well my aunt (whcih is a very fat, gross pig that covers up her cats poop in her own house with news paper gross right? yeah thought so) she lives on the bottem. Ok well one day i was going to ride my bike over to my friends house i got my bike, i got on the sidewalk, the one right next to my hosue and then i saw two cars racing each other and they were headed my way, i stopped to see what was happening, and i saw one guy from one car take out a glass bottle and through it at the other car, then the guy that got hit my the bottle TAKE OUT A GUN and he shot 3 times!!! and if one bullet wouldve missed the car IT WOULDVE HIT ME!!!! i jumpped off my bike i ran up the stairs to find my brother looking at me with a concerned look opon his face! ok well im not going to tell you about the cops and everything, ok you kno how i said every little detail lead up to a bigger picture this is one of those details, my anut came out of her house found out what happend, AND BLAMED MY MOTHER!!! idk why but she did!!! and got my ex-stepdad (oh another by the way thing, my step dad owns the house that we lived in both parts) well anyways she had my mom get kicked out of her house for somethingthat wasnt even my moms fault!!! so now my mom is homeless AND SHE STILL IS HOMELESS!! i hate that retarded women!!! ok but guess what surprise!!! thats just another detail that leads up to a BIGGER picture, sense my mom has no home, shes not eligible to keep me and my borther, my sister has to stay with her dad, and me and tj had to move with my dad!!! ok well my dad is kind of sexist! meaning he doesnt give girls the same rights as boys AND GUESS WHOS THE ONLY GIRL IN THE HOSUE MEI!!! so what im saying is my dad hates me mmkay? he yells and screams at me, HES EVEN SLAPPED ME BEFORE so i hate him too. and out here everyone is racist!! where you have to be spanish to be close to popuilair and to be honest im not spanish but guess what, my bro is still the cool one idk how bcuz hes not spanish either but anyways so what im saying is i lost all of my friends, oh and my grades suck out here bcuz everything is harder!! an i mean HARDER!!!!!!!! this is just thigns that happend in LESS then a year!!!!!!!! so im just saying when things get tough,
    just stay strong bcuz that might just be little of what will happen next mwhaha hehe