• I think truthfully that all we ever want is to be loved. Is that the selfish side of human desire? Love is all around us; all we need to do is open our hearts to God’s love, friends’ love, parents love. Yet we shut our hearts and look in the direction with the most burning desire for that one true love – that connection that surpasses all. Yet waiting for that one magic “knight in shining armor” how much sorrow do we inflict upon ourselves by not opening our eyes to the happiness around us? Focusing only on how lonely and miserable we are we hate all those that have that happiness and push ourselves further away from their mocking smiles. When all we need to do is to shrug and smile with acceptance and honesty congratulate that other person. Heartbreak happens – and it hurts. It becomes hard to trust, but if you never trust how can you open yourself up to love? You say you most desperately want true love yet you clamp down your heart and refuse to trust it. Experience makes us wise, that may be true, and ignorance is dangerous. But friendships are a leap of trust. Don’t leap to someone that you know can’t or wont catch you – but if you don’t jump how will you know if they will catch you or not? This is the paradox of trust. To love without blinded eyes, to follow your heart but not in a foolish manner, to open yourself up, to trust, and yet being able to stand by yourself when they let you fall. No one is this strong. We are all human. We all live in a harsh reality for the romantic dreamer. And yet, does it hurt to dream? Can your heart ache without knowing the reason why? And how can you leap when there’s no one there to begin with?

    These things I wonder.