• In the day that has come to see me.

    I shall never forget.

    I cried that night,

    That day

    I know that from then on

    That my soul had been shattered

    Along with my heart

    There is never a moment that I want to

    Go back and try again

    There are times that I just want to lay there

    And let it bleed a little more

    For the scars that you have caused

    Shall never go away

    I shall see to that I am never needed again

    So for the last time I take my

    Last breath and lay in the water

    To watch and see how the blood with

    Mix with the water

    Yet in the end I don’t feel any better

    All I feel is the emptiness again

    When can I heal?

    For that I still love you and

    I will never for get that day

    At one point you had said it too

    But look at you

    And for the life of me

    I don’t know why I still ********

    Love you

    I cry a little more today then I did


    I fall in to the madness that is me

    For them to know

    Life comes and it goes

    So take a drink if you dare

    You shall never see me again

    And I shall never need your words again

    But I shall always still love you