• History of Bowling
    Bowling is a very old sport the earliest evidence of bowling can be traced back to 3200b.c. Bowling was dated back to 3200b.c when European archeologist’s found ancient bowling pins and bowling balls in an Egyptian grave. The First bowling balls were made of stone. Another Version of where Bowling game from is that it came from Germany where they would play it during festivals by throwing stones at nine wooden pins.
    In 1366 King Edward III outlawed his troops from bowling to keep his archers focused on their practice. There are all kinds of variations of bowling in that came from Europe. Bowling being in Europe explains how it got to The U.S. When the first settlers came to the Americas they brought their Ideas disease’s animals and Sports!
    Bowling became a very popular sport in the United States. Bowling is where the name Bowling green New York got its name. Bowling was becoming very popular it attracted all kinds of people including gamblers. Due to gambling Connecticut outlawed 9 pin bowling lanes; still wanting to bowl people figured out a loophole. They figured out that if you used 10 pins it’s no longer 9 pin bowling. With several new inventions like the pin setting machine and mineralite bowling balls Bowling evolved into the sport it is today.
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