• "Cage"

    I hate that word more then i hate humans and there loud machines. I flicked my eyes to the dim lit cage infront of me, A small terrier named pox's glared back. I narowed my eyes into the perfact glare and felt pox's gaze look away and i smiled, My ears flicked cacthing the thunders booming of the iron door as it slamed shut, Then the sent as the humans lumpered by. I sighed and pressed myself against the wall, I looked diffrent i am a jet black husky/wolf with icy blue eyes, eveyone else were ether preaty or sharper looking then me. I stayed still easily fooling the humans into passing me, I couldint care less about the burning hunger i felt.
    "TOM!" The mournful cry begain as i wacthed the humans drag the dog away to his doom and i smiled 'Thats what you get for beliveing this hell is hevan' I thought to myself as the loud bang from the door faded off the crys continude. I admite, I used to be like them once... A long time ago when i had partners with me, Before the Humans took them from me leaveing me alone with all the glareing eyes. I choughed a laugh and had all the glareing eyes on me again, Pox's the small terrer seemed to stand taller now with anger.
    "What!" i whiped back before anyone could anser i lots my temper again, I glared into the floor
    "What do you think he's really comeing back?" I growled and pox's flinched at the questoin and i could see he was on my side on this one. The room feel silent leaveing the faint sound of driping water
    "He will come back" A choaked voice bravly spoke and i laughed harshly, Turning the idea of humans bringing him back away
    "Is that what you say for all the others that were never seen again?" I asked and knew there was no way to anser my questoin and this time the raspy laughter broke in, I gussed who it was and was right
    "Thay took you and brought you back!" The raspy voice mocked my questoin and sudenly I felt stupied, the other voices picked up into a chanting laughter... It hurt me to go throw this all the time but i had to inorder to free my mind from the words of my family...
    "And so what!" I manged to raise my voice and shut eveyone up that made me smile, now i knew i had conered myself and wanted nothing more then to fad away then get the same lecture again
    "We are the chosen ones, This is dog hevan and we all get a chance, The humans are freeing them from there old lifes to be reborn into a better one" He rasped and the dogs barked in agreement, I snorted 'HOW could they think HELL was HEVAN! most of these mutts dont belive that theres anthor world outside thats better then this' My mind screamed and i had to stop listineing before i went up the wall, I shooke my head and mumbled cruses under my breath before i rested faceing the wall with a sigh i closed my eyes and drowned out the voices...