• There are moments in all of our lives; When time stands still, when life gives pause. In these moments, true Beauty, true Love can be seen, sometimes captured by the mind’s eye. For the few who can say from experience, just how it is, they can also tell us that this thing is indescribable. At once, a blinding revelation, in it’s simplicity, and completely mystifying. Nothing done or said, but everything is understood as if it had been. For some, this moment is the defining moment of their lives.
    No one knows what it is, can accurately tell you what it is about, or ever truly know how it happened. Anyone telling you otherwise is selling you something. Someone told me that our experiences, our perceptions, are what define who we are. As people, as cultures, as a race, as a species. If that is so, then this is just another in a long line of rich experiences. Some are bitter, some sweet, some are neither, others are in between. All are equally important, teaching us, showing us, just who we really are.
    You owe it to yourself to ensure that you may continue to experience many other new and exciting events. Draw in all that life has to offer and allow yourself to percieve everything from a fresh perspective. It is from this foundation that you may apply your own formidible willpower to begin changing the world around you. Slowly you'll begin to alter the world around you in ways that seem tailor made for you, because you used your considerable experience from living to make choices based on perceptions of the situations you find yourself in.
    One may only ever define how they live by making correct judgements about their life to come to the sudden moment where all the pieces fit together. For once in this mad and chaotic world, all the pieces fit, and you just Know. There is a driving force which pushes us all towards these moments, and it is raw and untamed within all of us.
    Choice; it is what drives us to live at all. We choose to go to work today; we choose to get married tomorrow. We choose to make our lives comfortable, or we choose not to. Everything in our society requires choice. A very simple thing, yes, but found in every facet of society, both civilized and not, human and not. A person can choose to be strong, with many reasons in mind. For the same reasons, a person can choose to be weak.
    The morning routine that everybody has; it is ruled by a series of small and medium choices. Over the course of a single day, a person can and will make many choices, several hundred to several thousand, if it's a simple day. Many of these choices are all unconscious, but they are there. It is often the perceptions formed after several initial choices that influence the majority of choices made.
    Some few can make a further choice to ignore years of experience, wisdom, and perceptions; to go against other choices. But the fact remains that choice rules all. The decisions we make today affect us tomorrow and even after. Choose to be the person you want to be, and manipulate the system of choices that our society is built from; or choose to be the person choice points you to. Can you choose to see the difference?