• In 2018 I will be a 24 year old, two years out of the Institute of Art and Technology; I’m a healthy, happy young woman, married and have a job as a top fashion designer. I’ve been showing my lines at Paris Fashion Week for the past to years. I live in California near the beach in a beautiful beach house. I have a black jeep to drive around the big town where I live. Today I’m on my way to Paris for my fourth showing at Paris Fashion Week, premiering my new line “Angel and Devils”. I sit down for the long flight with my husband. After we take off I relax and look back at my past and remember that all my life didn’t revolve around fashion.
    June 6, 2008, 6:30 pm, I arrive at the backstage door of the Alberta Bair Theater my hair in a tight bun with roses and a maroon ribbion around it. I was dressed in a pink, and maroon tutu with gold embedded in it, there was red and pink roses sown on it and my light pink tights. Over my dress was a short tan jacket and on my feet black flat shoes. I walked in through the door and go down the stairs to the dressing room under the stage. I grabbed a one of the stops with a mirror and put the bag I was carrying on the vanity and took out my makeup and started getting ready starting with my cover up and powder, after that I put on my dark ruby lipstick and pink eye shadow. When I was done I sat and listened to my music and talked to the girls next to me as I waiting for my class, from The School of Classic Ballet, wanted to go on stage to perform. 7:45, my group was told to go backstage, so I put on my ballet shoes and went backstage. We waited for the group before us to finish, while we waited I let my mind wander a bit and then the lights went dark, we walked on to the stage. Then suddenly, the lights came back on and the music started and we started dancing. I felt like I was made up of air, I didn’t feel the floor as I dance, I didn’t feel the smile on my face slip. I put the rest of my strength into the last pose, and the music ended and the lights went out. We walk off the stage and back out the stairs and into the dressing room. When we got back to the dressing room I grabbed my phone and called my friend and asked her to bring me a pop. She brought it down and she left and I drank the pop quickly and fell asleep for a bit. I woke seeing everyone leaving, I put on my shoes and jacket grabbed my bag and left through the back door. When I meet my family I was getting four different color roses from them and we left the Alberta Bair Theatre. I thinking back I can’t think of anything else that happen that day.
    Back in 2018, my husband and I are landing in Paris, we arrived at our hotel five days before Paris Fashion Week and I think “Since we’re in Paris we should go and see a ballet performance.”