• Got a mission to head out on, but don't know where to launch it from? Get your team to help you put together a base.


    1. Get the materials. (Check the "Things you'll Need" bit.)
    2. Find a suitable place.
    3. Take the materials to the place.
    4. Start building. Don't forget a window and a door, not a doorway.
    5. Put some camo on it so it's harder for thieves to find it.
    6. Start adding your equipment, plans, and anything else you can think of.


    * Instead of materials you could just buy a cheap little shed.
    * Make sure if you don't have electricity you have batteries
    * A padlock can help keep your base safe.
    * Build the fort out of the way of paths and roads. Maybe in a trench.


    * If you don't lock, all your stuff inside the Spy Base could get stolen.
    * Make sure you have a lock. If you don't, your plans, secrets etc. will be found!


    * Shed or wood or tin, nails and hammer
    * Lock
    * Camouflage
    * Table
    * Chairs
    * Lockup Box for files, gadgets and disguises
    * Wi-Fi equipped Laptop (optional)
    * Camera (Still or Video)
    * Gadgets
    * Batteries
    * Decoration
    * Mini Fridge (If you spend a lot of time out there).
    * Flashlight
    * ceiling lights
    * Help
    * trusted friends