• Fast-Foward: Two weeks later

    Sol, Tobi and I were outside this quaint little house in the middle of a grassy, flowery field, sneaking around.

    “ Now, you guys know the mission. Think you’re ready?” I said.

    They both nodded and sneaked around some more to the front door, hiding in a bush. There, we waited for our target to come out of the house. After a while, we got prepared for the mission when the door opened slowly. Apparently, someone walked out of the house and Solange kind of snickered.

    “Ok, ready...set...fire!” I yelled.

    The three of us jumped up from the bush and threw large water balloons at Fairyboy.

    “ELEANOR!!!” Edward yelled, soaking wet.

    “Good job, guys!” I said, high-five’ing Tobi and Sol.

    “I hate you guys!” He muttered, crossing his arms.

    Then, another water balloon hit him in the face.

    “Eleanor!” he yelled.

    “Don’t look at me! It was Sol!” I said, pointing at Solange, who was hiding a water balloon behind her back.

    When Fairyboy turned around to go back, Sol took out the last water balloon and threw it at the back of his head. Then, when Fairyboy turned his head to glare at us, Sol quickly pointed at me.

    “What?! You little traitor!” I yelled.

    Sol: ^_^

    Fast-Forward: A couple of weeks later

    It’s now December and we were very excited! Why? Well, my grandfather who lives in Rome invited me and my friends to spend Christmas with him in his large mansion. The good news? Well, Jason’s identical twin, Jacob is coming with us! The bad news? Well, my grandfather wanted Fairyboy and Gabriel to come also, for reasons that I cannot fathom. We are on a private plane that my grandfather sent for us to Rome in first class, just passing the time playing... cookie poker!

    “No! I lost!” Edward said.

    “Why?” I asked.

    “Solange ate all of my cookies!”

    Sol: ^_^

    “Well, I ate all of mine...” Tobi said.

    “Since you both lost, now you have to do something embarrassing!” Victoria said.

    “Like what?” Edward asked.

    Sol, Charlotte, Luna and Felicity formed a small conference and then, Felicity said:

    “You guys have to take off three items of clothing...”

    “Eww!” Victoria exclaimed.

    “That’s gross!” I yelled.

    “Think of it this way; they’ll be embarrassed and we can take pictures for blackmail!” Solange explained.

    “Well...” I pondered, while Tobi and Edward were praying, “...as long as they suffer...ok!”

    “No!!!” They yelled.

    On the plane were two large wolves and a large black leopard, watching the game. Apparently, tonight was a full moon and we had to put leaches on Jason, Jacob and Gabriel to keep them from eating us. After a while of straining and snarling, they finally calmed down. One of the silver furred wolves was sleeping while the other one was staring at me hungrily and the leopard was playing with a dead rat he killed recently.

    “Jason! Stop staring at me! You’re not going to eat me!!!” I yelled at the silver wolf that was staring at me while it snickered.

    “Gabriel, why did you have to kill that poor rat?!” Luna whined.

    The leopard (Gabriel) just ignored us and poked the rat with its claw while the sleeping wolf (Jacob) was howling in its sleep.

    “Hey, since Felicity and Charlotte are lycanthropes too, then why haven’t they changed?” Tobi asked.

    “What makes you say that?” Felicity and Charlotte said in union, wagging their tiger-like tails.

    “Someone, please put a leach on both of them before they eat us and you two, stop stalling and take off your clothes!” I ordered.

    “That sounded so wrong, Eleanor..!” Wayne said.

    Tobi took off his wristband, his left shoe and sock.

    “Party-pooper!” Sol yelled.

    “Puny fairy’s turn!” I said.

    “I am not puny!” Edward said.

    “Puny...” I said.

    “I am no-!”


    “Am no-!“




    “Is that the only thing you can say?!”

    “Yes!” I said, grinning.

    “Just for that, I’m going to make you suffer!”

    Edward then, took off his shoes and his pants.

    “Eww!!!” All the girls exclaimed.

    “OMG! Fairyboy wears purple Barnie boxers!” Tobi said.

    Fairyboy then, looked down and blushed horribly.

    “Damn it! I forgot about it!” He said, covering himself with a pillow.

    Jason (still in wolf form) looked at Fairyboy and started laughing himself to death. Gabriel just snickered at him while Jacob woke up and stared wide eyed at Fairyboy. Everybody started laughing at him and Sol took out her video camera.

    “I’m so putting this on You-Tube!” She said, between laughs.

    An hour later, it was about 2:45 a.m. and we went to sleep. After a while of waiting for sleep to overcome me, it finally came, but I didn’t seem to dream anything, a dreamless sleep. Then, when I woke up, I sat up and looked around in the pitch dark, rubbing my weary eyes. When, my eyes got used to the dark, I noticed that we weren’t back on the plane, but in our Spanish classroom in school.

    ***What the-!***

    I stood up and noticed that the others still sleeping on the floor around me. I decided to wake up Victoria, whom was sleeping next to me. I shook her awake and told her to look around to see where we are.

    “What...What happened?!” She asked, sitting up in shock.

    “I...don’t know...” I answered.

    I thought that I might have been dreaming, but it felt so real. We decided to wake the others up and I looked out the glass door on the right of the classroom to see a starless night outside. The moon was completely absent and it left the whole school in darkness and shadows. Thankfully, some of the school lights were on so it wasn’t completely dark.

    “I have a bad feeling about this...” Edward muttered.

    “Then, we’re in trouble...” I whispered.

    “Why?” Charlotte asked, looking at me along with everybody else.

    “I mean, even though Fairyboy’s an idiot...” I said.

    “HEY!” He said.

    “...still, a fairy’s intuition is never wrong...” I explained.

    “She’s right, even I can feel something lurking around this place...” Jacob whispered.

    “Same here...something strange...” Jason said.

    “I have an idea..! Let’s slip up; one group can stay hidden here while the other group checks the school and secure it...” Luna suggested.

    “Let’s see...I could stay here with Luna, Wayne, Victoria, Tobi and Jacob while the rest; Eleanor, Fairyboy, Sol, Gabriel, Jason and Felicity can go out and secure the school...” Charlotte said.

    “Fine by me..!” Felicity said.

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