• Most people think I'm just an ordinary teenage girl, obsessed with make-up, all I talk about is boys. But, maybe those sort of things just take my mind off my real problems. I keep them bottled up inside where no one can see the real me and my real feelings.
    I don't think anyone knows who Caitlin really is, not even me. She's just a girl who hides inside of me, wishing she could come out but knowing se can't. No one understands her.
    Some of the things racing through her mind hurt too much to be spoken aloud. Most people would think that those things are silly but she knows they're not, they couldn't be more real to her or the body in which she is trapped.
    She's waiting for her time of glory when she can break down the barricades to reveal her true self for the audience behind the curtains, behind the tears.
    Am I Caitlin or am I turning into the useless body which incases her, leaving her to fade away into the past? If so, what is the meaning of my life?

    I'm just another cage, another prison wandering the earth, searching for the real me.