• sweatdrop "Oh god, this is soooo boring. Are you sure you guys have to go out of town?" said James as he laid his head on his folded arms. The parents looked at him and nodded as they gathered there coats and headed for the door.

    "You take care son and we'll be back in a couple of hours. I left you twenty dollars on the table so you could go do something." They smiled and walked out the door expressing their excitement for the long night out. James took the money and shoved it in his pocket as he laid there for a moment thinking.

    "This town is soooo vague, theres nothing to do here." He turned over on his stomach and stared at the head bored of his bead. He reached for the phone and started dialing his friend Kim.

    "She never has anything to do."

    *beep beep beep*
    *Error message 41 The subscriber you are calling is out of the coverage area. Plea...*click*

    The sky starts to thunder and rain starts to pour. "Oh, hell no. There is no way im staying in this house alone just so that the power can go out and im stuck in a lifeless home all by myself." James got up from his bed and picked up the spare keys to the chevy.

    "Guess, I'll go see a movie or something." The rain started to come down hard as he raced out the door and into the chevy. He tried to start the chevy and it choked a few times and eventually started. He pulled out of the drive way and noticed that it was awfully lonely in his neighborhood today but continued on to the theater. The theater was exactly two miles away...

    As he pulled up to the theater he noticed that it was completely empty but the theater was open at this time of the day. He parked and ran inside to the front counter to pay for his film. "May I help you?" said an attendant as she looked up from reading her book.

    "Um, yes. Why is it so empty in the theater today." said James as he fishes for the twenty dollars. The attendant merely looks up and repeats,"May I help you?" He pulls out the twenty and looks at the attendant and then at the list of movies. There was only one playing...

    "All Alone"

    He started to get very wierded out but payed it no attention as he handed the money to the attendant. She gathered the money and handed him the change. He walked in and stood at the concession counter waiting to get some popcorn but no one ever came. His movie was about to start so he left the concession and headed toward the kiosk that took the tickets.

    There was a sign there that said,"No taker just go right in." It was understandable that he or she probably needed to do something else and left that sign there. His theather was the last theater down the long corridor. The corridor seemed to last forever as it stretched as he walked. The walls seemed to close in on him and the lights seemed to dim.

    The floors were spotless, the trash empty, and the stainless steel from the water fountains...stainless. As he approached the dark door leading to the already starting movie, the door seemed to swallow him. He could feel the gap of sanity slowly closing and couldn't help but continue to walk. Theres a reason people go to the very top of the theater.

    When your at the top your never alone. From that high up you can see all those who walk in, its dark so you can always see the movie, and you never have to worry about someone putting there feet on your chair. He walks up the stairs to the last row at the very top but just as he does he notices a shadow sitting at the very top. He can't make it out but there is definitely someone there.

    He sighs a relief as he sits down two seats away from the shadow. "Thank god, I thought I was..." The shadow looks at him and raises a finger to their lips. "Shhh!" says the voice as they lower there finger back to the arms rest and faces to the screen. The movie starts and a bright light awakens the theater and pulses throughout it like a special effect in some futuristic movie.

    James sits back far in his seat and grasps the arms rests. "Whats going on!?" he says as visions of past events are flowing by him. Sounds of laughter and sounds of screams tend his ears as he tries to cover them up but can't seem to get his hands away from the arm rests. He looks over at what was once the shadow from atop the stairs of the theater.

    "Oh my god, its me!" words can't escape his mouth. The lifeless shadow looked to be dead. Blood seeps from his ears and his skin cold. He continues to hear the sounds from the screen and visions from his past. "Its time James!" says the shadow.

    James looks over to his right once again and sees himself talking only this time the shadow looks perfectly healthy. He feels cold all of the sudden and looks at his hands. There cold, his entire body feels so very cold. He feels something dripping from the side of his head and reaches up only to reveal its blood. His eyes widen and his jaw drops as cold air can be seen escaping his lungs.

    And James falls limp...

    His shadow gets up and brushes himself off. "Its time to go James." it repeats as he's lifted off the ground. Slowly he starts to ascend towards the movie screen. The light consuming him and the theater he reaches out his hand to touch the magnificent light but can't seem to reach it. The smile on the shadows face slowly starts to disappear as he falls back towards the dark seats of the theater.

    "ITS TIME JAMES!! WAKE UP!!" a voice says. Closer and closer his shadow comes back to James and he feels once again. His breath returns and his skin still so cold begins to warm. A jolt of sharp pain courses through his body as the light within the theater begins to darken and fade away. He hears the voice once again,"Come on James, open your eyes."

    Right before the light from the theater darkens out he looks over to his shadow and his shadow mouths,"Its not your time yet James."

    James's eyes open to reveal a couple of Emergency units hovering over him. "Whats going on?" he thinks as words can't escape his mouth. "He's awake guys, good job James just stay with us." one of the EMR's says as he's picked up on a stretcher and put into one of the vehicles. He looks up and the EMR's and mouths,"What happened?"

    "You were involved in a car accident and you were knocked out.","Your ear drums were lacerated when you were his by a piece of shrapnel and your skins very pale so were taking you to the hospital."

    James sighs a sigh of relief and closes his eyes. "I think next time i'll go with Kim." The doors shut and the curtain descends on this movie called life. You never know how it'll end. James survived this time but there will always be a next. Where will you be when the curtains of fate ascend upon you...