• They say that the cleverer you are, the more dreams you have. Is this true? If so, then my cleverness varies. Last night I dreamt about a giant inflatable volleyball court and a thief who stole the laces to my VANS; the night before I didn't dream of anything. Does that mean I got cleverer in the space of 24 hours?
    Some people can't remember their dreams. I sometimes wonder why this is. I always make a mental note to remember mine but I think that we are in such a hurry nowadays that we don't have time to remember. Writing them down always helps- I'd never remember the time I was tortured by Voldemort or when I got killed in a mental institute otherwise.
    People used to think that dreams meant that something was going to happen. Characters in books like 'Harry Potter' and 'Twilight' always have dreams which are significant and I sometimes wonder why I don't have dreams like that. Why can't I just dream about my friends and schoolwork instead of getting killed all the time?
    Dreams are meant to be made up of the things we think of before we go to bed. Yet, I don't remember thinking about stealing cars and knocking over cages full of snakes. I think that our dreams are just CCTV footage, keeping an eye on our imagination while we're unconscious.
    I think it's amazing how our minds can think up images so scary that they send us running from our beds. I used to have what we called 'screaming ad-dabs' or more commonly known as night terrors. They weren't like normal dreams because they were made up of the same image every night. It would always scare me to death and whenever I tried to focus on the image it would disappear in a flash. Every night, at the same time, I would run round the house screaming for mum until she came and calmed me down. I still get that image flicker through my mind now and again, sending a shiver down my spine.
    So, this is my evaluation on dreams. They are one of the most amazing things I have ever come across and I think that, though we may not know it yet, they could turn out to be a very important part of our lives.