• what will history say?

    is this the beginning of a new age?

    or the end of the old?

    may the fate look kindly

    on this age

    pray it not born in an cacophony of the screams of the wounded and the dying

    may it be not be baptized in blood for what starts in blood will end in blood

    will the future generations of our flesh be discouraged
    to try something new?

    Is it our fault that humanity's imgination
    our greatest tool be dulled by what was but not is?

    Ideas once impossible

    maybe a very real possibilty

    History be kind when you look upon my generation

    who's pitiful grip on reality and its greatest invention science

    only made more questions in place of those which where unmasked

    its sad that the world is the same its just..... feels flat

    two dimensional

    in a world that supposed to span three

    have mercy as we descend

    time will tell if we were worthy

    but what gift will our age give to all the future young ones

    when even our bones are dust

    will it be lasting?